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AC Installations: All the Different Options

Monday, September 18th, 2023

Air conditioning installation is a lot different than it used to be. Back twenty years ago, there were really only window AC units and central air conditioners, and everything else was either way too expensive for regular homeowners or just so niche that they didn’t work for most people.

The existing air conditioners of the time were simple and not particularly efficient, but they could cool an entire home properly. Now, things have changed a lot.

First and foremost, the options are endless. From heat pumps to ductless mini splits, AC installation in Pelham, NY is more widely available and exists in different forms. And, to make things even more complicated, air conditioners are exceedingly more energy efficient than they used to be. And we’re all thankful for that, since energy prices are exceedingly more expensive these days.

This blog post will be dedicated entirely to the many AC options available, as well as their applicable pros and cons.

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5 Common Ductless Issues

Monday, September 4th, 2023

When customers invest in a ductless heating and cooling system, they often don’t think about the problems that can come with it. They’re great systems to invest in, and homeowners can stand to see some major returns through energy efficiency, but they still have their fair share of problems just like any other HVAC unit.

As the premier team to provide ductless service in the Bronx, NY, we’d like to be honest with our customers about some of the most common problems that come with ductless HVAC systems. We’ll list out some of the most frequent issues we see and what they mean. Then, we’ll leave it up to our customers to call us for help so that we can fix the issues quickly and effectively.

Remember, never try to DIY a fix on a ductless HVAC system. They’re very complex and the simple act of trying could void a warranty and more!

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End of Summer Air Conditioning Checklist

Monday, August 21st, 2023

We’re well on our way to fall, so most homeowners are deciding to switch gears from cooling to heating. It’s understandable, the record-breaking highs this summer will likely be matched with record-breaking cold temperatures and snow storms this winter, so it’s only fair to try and look ahead.

But this doesn’t mean that an air conditioner should be forgotten about. In fact, the air conditioning system that’s been working hard all summer long will still need to perform next summer, so reviewing the system’s performance and condition could be a way of looking extra far in advance, to the summer of next year.

So, we’d like to walk customers through an end-of-season evaluation of their ACs. This will help many of our customers decide on whether they should switch gears towards heating or invest in valuable air conditioning repairs in the Bronx, NY.

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Tips to Get Through a Tri-State Area Heatwave

Monday, July 24th, 2023

It’s summertime in New York, which means scorching hot temperatures, unbearable humidity, and indoor air quality events that make leaving a window open a bad option. Customers all across the tri-state area are trying every method in the book for staying cool, comfortable and safe. We understand, and our team is hard at work helping everyone who calls us.

Some folks are lucky with powerful, brand-new AC units that can keep an entire home cool. Others are busy dealing with shoddy window ACs, or central systems that need serious AC repair in Westchester, NY. Everyone is in a different situation, but there’s no reason why we all can’t be comfortable and safe.

This blog is dedicated to a few tips and tricks to help get through a New York heatwave in a way that doesn’t ruin the budget or make customers do too much.

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What Peace of Mind Really Means

Monday, June 26th, 2023

We talk a lot about getting “peace of mind” when customers call for professional support. The phrase “peace of mind” is thrown around a lot, and it can mean different things to different people. Some people are very budget conscious, which means that they get more “peace of mind” from staying within their budget.

Other folks want to be taken care of, helped from step one to step ten, with a licensed HVAC professional who cares about them. There are different strokes for different folks, and we’re here to talk about some of the benefits that come from this kind of work.

So, for any customers out there with an immediate AC repair in Scarsdale, NY, be sure to call for professional help. In more ways than one, customers can get some serious peace of mind with a licensed contractor on their side.

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Is a Ductless System Worth It?

Monday, June 12th, 2023

This feels like a transitionary period between conventional heating and cooling systems and ductless mini split systems. Homeowners are being offered these new and incredible ductless units at comparable prices to conventional systems. This means that, for the first time in history, these systems are starting to be competitive in the market.

So, a lot of customers ask the question, “Is it worth the cost?” It’s easier to know what a furnace does than a heat pump, so this question makes sense in the context.

Today, we’d like to take a look at ductless heating and cooling systems. We’ll go over some of their unique advantages, why they’re priced the way they are, and ultimately discuss whether a ductless system in the Bronx, NY is a good move for one of our customers.

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What to Do With a Compressor Problem

Monday, May 15th, 2023

There are two words that every homeowner holds their breath when they hear during an AC diagnosis. Those words are “compressor problem,” because everyone at this point knows how expensive this kind of problem can be.

The compressor is the beating heart of the AC. Without it, the system would just be one oversized fan that blows untreated air around. It’s only with this component that the system can actually cool the air inside of a home and do its job as an air conditioner. The one caveat is that it’s an expensive piece of equipment and it’s not easily fixed.

Today, we want to give a brief homeowner’s guide to a compressor problem and the following air conditioning service in the Bronx, NY. From a complete breakdown to just small issues with the compressor, these can sometimes be too expensive to handle. This blog will help guide customers toward a cost-effective solution without breaking the bank.

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5 Common Problems With a Heat Pump

Monday, May 1st, 2023

Heat pumps are wonderful heating and cooling machines. They do a great job in the tri-state area, especially through mild winter days, chilly spring mornings, and hot summer evenings.

Instead of switching on a system that uses more energy and is wasteful, a heat pump does an excellent job of conserving energy while keeping a space comfortable. They’re perfect for our area, and we’re sure that customers have been enjoying them thoroughly. That’s why they’re so popular now!

But a heat pump isn’t without its problems. In fact, a heat pump can have its own unique issues that a homeowner isn’t quite ready to address. In the following few cases, we’d recommend calling a professional for heat pump service in Westchester. These issues can have a severe impact on the efficiency, output, and reliability of a heat pump system. This isn’t just recommended, it’s usually vital to avoid a system breakdown as well.

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Don’t Ignore a Short Cycling AC

Monday, April 17th, 2023

There are lots of words used in the HVAC industry that can be confusing to people. “Hard starting,” “refrigerant,” and even “short cycling” are all words that have specific meanings to HVAC technicians, while they might illicit different images in the head of a customer. This is where a disconnect can sometimes form between a customer who has a problem and a technician who should be called to fix that problem.

A good example of this happening is with short cycling. This is a problem that is pretty notorious and afflicts many air conditioning systems in our general area, but customers barely even know it’s a problem unless they’re well-acquainted with HVAC technology. Sometimes people won’t call for AC repair in Westchester until it’s too late.

So, now it’s our turn to inform the public free of charge so that they can inform their friends and neighbors. Help us in our mission to make sure nobody gets stuck with a short cycling system without professional repairs.

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Fact and Fiction: 3 Air Duct Misconceptions

Monday, September 19th, 2022

Air ducts are an important part of a home’s HVAC system. They’re required for pretty much every forced-air heating or cooling system, instead of ductless mini splits, which are only used by a minority of our customers. This means that when ducts fall into disrepair, they need to be fixed by professionals who know what they’re doing. Luckily, our team provides thorough duct repairs in the Bronx, NY.

But what about those rumors that folks keep hearing about their air ducts? Is it safe to use duct tape when sealing or plugging leaks in air ducts? Or is it easy for customers to try and clean or fix their ducts themselves? The truth is that these aren’t really correct, but it might not be for the reasons that customers might think.

This blog post today is all about separating the facts from the fiction, and we’re going to be doing this so that customers know when to call us for professional duct services!

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