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Generator Maintenance

So, you have a Stand-by Generator. That means you have already put a lot of thought into why you need a Stand-by Generator.  It was a costly investment that you did not make without doing significant research.  In this day and age, all of us in Westchester County, the Bronx, Queens and Rockland Counties are extremely dependent on electrical power, whether it is for lighting, heating or cooling your home, running the sump pump, cooking and refrigerating your food, or using your TV, phone or internet -- you dread the thought of living through a power outage. You have had one of these installed to give you and your family the peace of mind that you will always have power in your home, even when your utility provider has an outage.

Obviously, you want to protect this investment. You want to ensure that your Stand–by Generator will be ready to work when and if you need it! The best way to get this peace of mind is by enrolling in the Yost & Campbell Home Power Club – the Maintenance Agreement program for your Stand–by Generator.

Membership in the Yost & Campbell Home Power Club entitles you to the following benefits:

  • An Annual Tune–up of your Standby Generator to check all components of the system, ensuring that is ready for use during a power outage. The Annual Tune–up includes changing the Oil, Filters and Spark Plugs, as needed. (Non–Members will pay $250 and up for an Annual Tune–up.)
  • A Semi–Annual Inspection of your Generator to verify that the weekly test is running and to ensure that the generator is ready for action. (Without an Agreement, this will run $175 and up).
  • Unlimited Service Calls – when there is a problem with your Generator, we will send our Generac trained technician to your home or business to diagnose the problem, at no charge! (Without an Agreement, the price for a service call can run $175 and up.)
  • Yost & Campbell does not charge our Home Power Club members a premium when they need a service call in the evenings, on weekends or on holidays! You get Unlimited Service Calls, no matter when you need them! (Non–members will pay $225 and up for an emergency service call during off hours!)
  • Priority scheduling for members of the Yost & Campbell Home Power Club – Your service call will be given highest priority, especially during emergency situations (i.e. power outage).

We strongly recommend regular maintenance of your Stand–by Generator and membership in the Home Power Club is a cost effective way to ensure that your system will always be ready in an emergency.  For more information, call Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators at (800) 640–9678 to speak to one of our Customer Service Representatives to see if our Home Power Club is right for you!  Or click here "Schedule Maintenance" to request a call back for more information and to schedule an assessment of your Stand–by Generator for a Home Power Club Agreement.***

Are you already a Home Comfort Club Member for your Heating and/or Air Conditioning system? Make sure you ask the Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators Customer Service Representative about special savings for customers with membership in both programs!  The savings are significant for our most valued customers!

*** Membership in the Home Power Club is contingent on our assessment of the Generator to ensure that it is eligible for coverage.  Although there is a charge for the assessment visit, if your Generator does qualify and you do purchase the Agreement, we will deduct half of the service charge from the Agreement price for the first year.  Please call Yost & Campbell for more information!

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