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Automatic Standby Generator Services in Westchester County, NY

A generator is a good idea if you live in Westchester County, both as a means of staying safe and warm in a crisis and as a little bit of insurance to put your mind at ease. You never know what kind of surprises the world has waiting, and while our civic power grid is built New York strong, Mother Nature still has the final word. A generator is the best defense you can have against such eventualities.

Generators come in many shapes and sizes, but here at Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators we usually recommend an automatic standby generator, which switches the power over immediately in the event of a crisis. It’s a fast and easy system, and it avoids a lot of the hassle of other types of generators. If you live in Westchester County and you think you need a generator for your home, consider the benefits that an automatic standby model can provide!

How Do Automatic Standby Generators Work?

Automatic standby generators are connected to the existing power grid in your home. They utilize an automatic transfer switch, which facilitates the changeover when the power goes out. The generator senses when the power levels drop in your system and the switch transfers electricity from the civic grid to the generator. The generator then continues to run until Westchester County civic system is restored, upon which point the switch moves back to the civic grid and shuts your generator down. The pros at Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators can go through your options before installing a generator for you.

Who Benefits from Automatic Standby Generators?

The most obvious advantage of an automatic standby generator is that you don’t need to worry about starting it up once the power goes out. It can be tricky at best and dangerous at worst to try to fight your way to your generator in a crisis, especially if the power outages take place in the middle of the night here in Westchester County. Automatic standby generators eliminate that problem. More importantly, however, they ensure that there is no long–term loss of power in your home. That benefits everyone, but is particularly important for households with medical equipment that absolutely cannot suffer a disruption in power.

We’ll Install Generators with Confidence and Pride

Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators knows that you can’t wait until a crisis hits to make sure that your generator is working fine. That’s why we do so much more than just install it. We can perform regular maintenance on your automatic standby generator and schedule repairs, if needed, before the weather turns sour. After the crisis is over, we can go over your generator for you and look for any signs of wear and tear, making sure that your system isn’t experiencing any damage that will catch you by surprise when the next problem hits. Not only does our generator service help ensure that your system is always ready to go, it also helps improve its efficiency and longevity so that you get the most out of this very important investment.

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