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Pelham, NY Air Conditioning, Heating & Generator Services

Since 1939, we have been providing excellent customer service. We uphold our reputation for integrity and fair and competitive pricing, and we are always striving to do better. That’s why you can count on us for all of your heating, air conditioning, and generator needs.

We’ve got you covered. We offer solutions tailored to your home and your budget. That means we won’t offer you a new AC or heating system unless we feel it is your most cost-effective choice. And we have 24/7 emergency service available too. Call Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators today to schedule HVAC services in Pelham, NY and the surrounding area.

Pelham, NY Air Conditioning Services

Looking for air conditioning services in Pelham, NY? When you need fast AC repair or quality air conditioning installation, you can count on the Pelham HVAC pros at Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators. We install and service central air conditioners and ductless AC systems, as well as heat pumps. We show up promptly for repairs with 24/7 emergency service offered in the Pelham and Pelham Manor areas.

Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance

We provide quality work for air conditioners of all makes and models, and we also offer service agreements so that your air conditioner is properly serviced throughout the years. If you’ve noticed a breakdown in the performance of your air conditioner, call our team for AC repair right away. We’re the trusted choice for Pelham, NY air conditioning repair and maintenance services.

Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement

Have you been thinking about installing a new air conditioner in your home? Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators offers air conditioning installation on high efficiency models in Pelham, NY and the surrounding area. We’ll properly size your new AC system to fit the needs of your home, and will provide professional ongoing maintenance for a long-lasting life. Call us today to learn more about our Pelham air conditioning installation and replacement services.

How Ductless Split Systems Work

A ductless split system actually has the same basic components as a standard central air conditioner or heat pump, but without the need for central ducts. Just like a standard central AC, ductless systems use refrigerant to move heat out of the home to the outdoor compressor/condenser unit. But the blower unit is mounted directly on the wall, rather than in your HVAC system.

Heating Services in Pelham, NY

For heating services in Pelham, NY, call our professional HVAC technicians! We install and service heating systems from the top name brands in the industry. Even if we did not install your heating equipment, we are happy to provide prompt heater repair or routine heating maintenance services. From gas furnaces to boilers, heat pumps and hybrid heating systems, Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators is the trusted choice for heating installation, replacement, repair and maintenance services in Pelham, NY.

Boiler Repair & Installation

Most people we talk to who have had both boilers and forced-air heating systems over the years tell us that there is nothing quite like the comfort of a boiler system. Radiant heating systems transfer heat to the objects and people in the room, not just the air, which keeps you warmer for longer. Call our team for expert boiler installation and repair!

Pelham Furnace Services

If you are replacing an older furnace, you might be concerned about energy efficiency. Your older system used a whole lot of gas with each heating cycle. Will your new one cost just as much to run? Not if you schedule professional service and heating repair when you need it and get a high efficiency furnace from a company your trust. Call our team to find the right heater for your home.

We Offer Generator Services

Have you ever had to deal with a power outage in the middle of a very hot day or a very cold night? It’s not something anyone wants to deal with, as it leaves you without heating and cooling, your favorite electronics, the refrigerator, or any way to plug in your cell phone.

A whole-home generator can give you the peace of mind you need throughout the year. When a power outage hits, your generator turns on within seconds and has the home up and running again in no time. Call us for installation or repairs for your standby generator. We also offer service agreements.

Oil to Gas Conversions

Ordering heating oil each year is a guessing game, and it’s frustrating when your supply starts to get low. It’s so much easier to have a natural gas heating system which uses the gas that already comes in to your home. Call Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators to learn more about converting your heating system from oil to gas. This makes things easier on you. Plus, natural gas heating is typically environmentally friendly and high efficiency, as it is the cleanest fossil fuel. Contact our team for details about oil to gas conversions in Pelham and Pelham Manor, NY.

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