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Hawthorne, NY Heating, Air Conditioning, and Whole-Home Generator Services

For heating and air conditioning services in Hawthorne, NY, Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators is the trusted choice. We offer installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services on heating, air conditioning, water heater, and generator systems.

Since 1939 our HVAC contractors have been the top choice for residents near Hawthorne, NY. Call today to see why we’re your neighbors’ HVAC contractor. 

Contact us today to schedule HVAC services in Hawthorne, NY and the surrounding area.

Air Conditioning in Hawthorne, NY

The air conditioner installed in your home won’t last forever. But with a service agreement, your system will last longer, operate more efficiently, and deliver a greater amount of cooling. It’s a cost-effective to save money in the long-term, while also maintain your family’s comfort.

We also offer air conditioning repair services throughout the Hawthorne, NY area, and no job is too large or small for us to have a look. In the market for a new AC? We can take care of every last detail.

Ductless Split Systems Offer Great Efficiency

A ductless system is a type of heat pump that doesn’t rely on an extensive network of air ducts. Instead, it uses multiple indoor air handlers that are installed at key locations within the home. The result is incredible energy efficiency and a much more versatile approach to keep your home comfortable. We install and service them.

Need Heating Services in Hawthorne, NY?

If so, then don’t wait. Delaying a heating repair can mean unnecessary damage, a loss of efficiency, and most importantly, a lack of warmth! We are your heating experts in Hawthorne, NY. We can make sure that your boiler, furnace, ductless system, or heat pump is fixed right.

But if you want to stay ahead of repairs, then sign up for one of our service agreements. During this routine inspection, cleaning, and tune-up, your system’s performance will be improved and its service life extended. We also install new heaters.

  • Boiler Repair & Replacement: The boiler is renowned throughout the northeast for its powerful heating capacity as well as for its efficiency. What’s more, unlike a forced-air HVAC system, it won’t dry out your winter air even further. We will make certain that your boiler operates just as it should for the years to come. We also offer boiler repair and maintenance.
  • Furnace Installation & Maintenance: It’s not without good cause that the furnace remains the most popular type of heating system in the country. It’s powerful, fast-acting, and relatively efficient. It also pairs nicely with a central air unit, if you’ve already got one (or are thinking of getting one). We install and repair both gas and electric furnaces.

Oil to Gas Conversions

Oil is mostly considered an outdated fuel source when it comes to home heating. There are much cleaner, and more energy efficient options out there today, including those that operate with natural gas. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to replace your entire heater. We can provide you with an oil-to-gas conversion.

Whole-House Generator Services

In addition to our many HVAC services, we are also in the business of keeping your family safe and secure in the event of a power outage. While many of our customers operate portable generators, they are simply not as effective, safe, or efficient as the real deal.

We can evaluate your electricity needs and find you a generator whose power matches your requirements exactly. What’s more, we’re also available for any follow-up maintenance or repairs that your system may need. Contact Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators today to request an estimate

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