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Radiant Heating Systems in Westchester County, NY

There are lots of different homes here in Westchester County, some of which date back centuries. Just as every house is one-of-a-kind, so too is every heating system, and by extension, every home’s specific heating needs. Furnaces and boilers are the staple of most homes in the area. But they’re not the only systems out there, and some of the alternatives may prove to be a better fit for your home.

For example, take in-floor heating, or radiant heating, which warms a room directly through the floorboards instead of blowing heated air throughout the house. It can cost a bit to install, but the advantages it offers are considerable. With professionals like Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators at the helm, you can be assured that you’re getting first-rate service at all times. We’ll install new systems, repair existing ones, and replace older ones with updated models, all with the skill and experience that comes with over 75 years on the job. To find out if a radiant heater is right for you, give us a call today!

The Benefits of Radiant Heating

Radiant heating systems consist of a series of tubes or warmers placed beneath the floor boards of a given room. Liquid pumped through the tubes warms the room through the soles of your feet and the furnishings, instead of heating you indirectly through the air. It offers a safe, pleasant alternative to forced–air heating, as well as eliminating the dryness and cold spots that may come from furnaces. It also helps prevent the spread of illness, since it doesn’t circulate germs through your home the way a forced–air system might. Call the professionals at Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators for a consultation, and see if a radiant heater would make a good fit for your home.

Installation Solves a lot of Problems

One of the benefits of in–floor heating is that the bulk of the system is safe under the floorboards, where it can’t be easily damaged. But that kind of safety depends on proper installation, ensuring that there are no leaks, clogs, or other issues that require you to pry up the floorboards again. That’s why you need a team like Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators to perform your installation, and to provide a replacement when the time comes to upgrade your system. With us on the job, you can be assured that your new system will be problem–free and ready to go when you need it.

Trust Us for Maintenance and Repair

An in–floor heating system is usually kept safe from wear and tear since it’s under the floor for the most part. But there are some components, such as the pump or, where applicable, the boiler, that are located elsewhere in your home, and they can suffer from wear and tear as well. When repairs are needed, you can count on us to do the job right.

More importantly, we can perform annual or semi–annual maintenance to catch those problems, and keep repairs to a minimum. Radiant heating systems provide improved energy efficiency and usually cost less to run than other types of heating. Why waste that money on unnecessary repairs? Give us a call and we’ll make sure your system functions at its peak!

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