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End of Summer Air Conditioning Checklist

We’re well on our way to fall, so most homeowners are deciding to switch gears from cooling to heating. It’s understandable, the record-breaking highs this summer will likely be matched with record-breaking cold temperatures and snow storms this winter, so it’s only fair to try and look ahead.

But this doesn’t mean that an air conditioner should be forgotten about. In fact, the air conditioning system that’s been working hard all summer long will still need to perform next summer, so reviewing the system’s performance and condition could be a way of looking extra far in advance, to the summer of next year.

So, we’d like to walk customers through an end-of-season evaluation of their ACs. This will help many of our customers decide on whether they should switch gears towards heating or invest in valuable air conditioning repairs in the Bronx, NY.

Examine the Efficiency

An air conditioner must work efficiently if it’s going to be worth the cost. One of the main ways we urge customers to evaluate their air conditioning systems is through their energy bills.

If energy bills look too high, or they’ve been trending higher and higher with each year, then chances are likely that next year’s energy bills will be even higher. As AC units age, they get less efficient, so it might be time to either invest in repair and maintenance, or start saving up for an AC replacement that’s more efficient and that will save money on a monthly basis.

Discuss Comfort Preferences

An air conditioner needs to be able to work well every summer so that customers and their families are comfortable. If the system is constantly leading to complaints, hot spots, and shutdowns, then it’s likely on its way out.

Sure, a new system replacement can be expensive, but we urge our customers to think about the future. Summer will return, and so will the record-breaking heatwaves that we get every year. Having a powerful air conditioner that can adequately cool a home is a necessity these days, so maybe a replacement is worth the cost.

Clean Around the System

Before fall arrives, we think it’s a good idea to do a clean sweep around the indoor and outdoor components of the air conditioner. Make sure that it’s not buried in furniture or boxes, and that the outdoor component isn’t covered with dirt or dust.

Some homeowners invest in AC covers that keep the outdoor units protected during the winter. This can be helpful, but it’s not necessary if any of our customers are on a tight budget. Just make sure that the system is in good shape to weather the snowstorms of the future.

Invest in Maintenance

One last thing to think of before switching gears for fall and winter, is maintenance. If anyone reading this hasn’t had their air conditioner maintained yet this year, we urge them to invest in this service before the summer is over. It’s a vital service that helps extend the system’s lifespan, reduce repair needs, and even improve its energy efficiency.

For AC repair, replacement, or maintenance, contact Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators.

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