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Smart Ways to Lower Monthly Heating Bills

Monday, January 1st, 2018

heating-system-efficiencyWinter is officially here, and cold weather in the area is nothing to joke about. When temperatures drop, the freezing cold can affect health as much as comfort, and a reliable heating system becomes absolutely essential. Homeowners become accustomed to paying higher monthly heating bills in the winter, since everyone runs their heaters much more often. But just because people pay more in heating costs during cold weather doesn’t mean they should pay more than is absolutely necessary. Prudent homeowners can find easy ways to improve home energy efficiency and lower their monthly bills in the process.

Some steps are simple, such as setting the thermostat a few degrees lower than normal and wearing warm clothes in the house. Others, however, can be a bit more involved. A brief list of suggestions is included below.

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Heating Services Are Recommended Before Winter

Monday, November 6th, 2017

heating-repair-servicesLast time on this blog, we strongly recommended getting any repairs on household heaters done before the snows of winter start to fall. That’s true even if the system doesn’t have any overt repairs that need doing. Early signs of trouble are rarely strong enough to shut the system down, and the sooner a technician can spot them, the better off the heating system will be. Here’s a quick breakdown of how it all works.

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Early Signs That You Need Heating Repairs

Monday, October 24th, 2016

Fall in White Plains, NY means that heating systems will be used with increasing regularity, which makes it an excellent time to check them before the coming winter drives temperatures even lower. Only a trained technician can properly diagnose and repair any problem with a household heating system. Fortunately, common signs denote trouble from a wide variety of sources, and by learning to spot them, a homeowner can turn the system off and call in a repair service. Such signs can include, but are not limited to, the following:

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The Benefits of Preparing Your Heater for Winter

Monday, October 3rd, 2016

Homeowners in White Plains, NY often have a great deal on their minds, from the daily duties of family and jobs to problems in their homes like faulty heating systems and troublesome plumbing. No homeowner wants to deal with a furnace or a boiler that malfunctions in the middle of winter, when the weather is cold and any interruption in heating power can turn the home into an ice box. Now is the time to start getting ready for that eventuality by preparing the household heating system for the winter.

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Steps to Improve a Heater’s Efficiency

Monday, September 26th, 2016

Fall has officially arrived, and with cold weather on its way, Yonkers, NY residents would do well to assess the state of their heating systems and take steps to ensure that they function as well as they possibly can in the coming months. A city as old as Yonkers includes a wide variety of heating systems, from forced-air furnaces to boilers to alternative systems such as radiant heating.

In addition to scheduling maintenance from a trained technician for these systems and ensuring that any lingering issues are properly addressed, homeowners can take additional steps to ensure that their heaters run as efficiently as possible and keep the monthly costs of staying warm to a minimum.

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