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Early Signs That You Need Heating Repairs

Fall in White Plains, NY means that heating systems will be used with increasing regularity, which makes it an excellent time to check them before the coming winter drives temperatures even lower. Only a trained technician can properly diagnose and repair any problem with a household heating system. Fortunately, common signs denote trouble from a wide variety of sources, and by learning to spot them, a homeowner can turn the system off and call in a repair service. Such signs can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Low Heat Levels. Low heat levels can stem from clogged burners, trouble with the fuel lines, and breaches in the duct system, among other issues. The signs can be easily spotted simply by feeling the air emerging from the vents and determining that it is cooler than expected.
  • Strange Noises. A strange noise is defined as anything that doesn’t match the regular performance of the heating system. It can include bangs, hums, groans and whistles, and in most cases will stop and start with the starting and stopping of the heater.
  • Low Air Flow. A blockage in the vents can cause low air flow, as can clogged filters and problems with the fan motor. It forces the heater to work harder than it has to, increasing heating bills and the risk of repairs in equal measure. In some cases, low air flow will appear only in one vent, which usually implies that the problem is localized to the nearby length of duct.
  • Higher Bills. Sometimes a problem won’t manifest itself directly, but will appear in wasted energy and increased fuel consumption. That can result in an unexpected spike in monthly costs, especially when there’s been no attendant rise in heating usage.

Contact the professionals at Yost and Campbell Heating, Cooling and Generators for quality heating repair.

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