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Top 5 Common Water Heater Problems That Require Repair

We rely on our water heaters regularly. Without hot water, it suddenly becomes a lot harder to take showers, bathe, do dishes, and even wash our clothes. Life just gets a lot more uncomfortable without hot water.

Back in the day, people needed to heat up large tubs of water that could be used as hot water for bathing and other uses. Hot water just wasn’t as common and readily available as it is today, and that sure is a blessing. But one important thing to remember is that with great technological advancements like the standby water heater, come problems that can be complicated.

Water heater issues can be hard to deal with, from the simplest leaks to temperature control that requires professional recalibration. For any water heater repairs in the Bronx, NY, customers can trust our team to get them done.

A Water Heater Leak

The first problem we’ll mention is likely the most obvious. Most water heaters are tank water heaters, which is literally a tank full of hot water. This means that when something goes wrong, it can leak serious amounts of water throughout the home.

Most water heaters are located in the basement so they can’t leak into rooms of the house, but many buildings and apartments have water heaters above rooms that can cause major damage due to constant leaks.

If a leak is detected, make sure this gets addressed by a qualified professional ASAP. Then, use towels and cleaning products to keep the mess under control.

Poor Temperature Control

Water heaters are required for comfortable showers, bathing, and handwashing. If the water heater is getting too hot or too cold and it’s not due to human error like accidentally bumping the shower handle, then it’s likely a problem that needs to be fixed.

Poor temperature control can be an issue with the water heater not being hot enough or leaking. Sometimes water heaters can be too hot, which is a different kind of problem that requires professional support.

Running Out of Hot Water

Many customers are used to hurrying up in the shower or when washing their hands because their homes run out of hot water quickly. This, unknown to many people, is actually a problem and requires professional support.

Running out of hot water too quickly can be a sign that sediment has built up inside the tank and is causing it to have problems retaining hot water. It could be a sign of a leak, and it also could be a sign that the system is simply too small for the home and the residents inside.

Strange Noises or Odors

For many customers with gas water heaters, a strange odor can be an easy way to tell when there’s a problem. This could be caused by a gas leak or even mold growth from a water leak.

Noises usually signify problems too, since a noise can be a sign of a component failure or some other pertinent issue.


If the water heating bills are way too high at the end of the month, then something is clearly wrong. Inefficiency can absolutely be a clue that something is broken inside of the water heater and it needs to be fixed.

Schedule a water heater repair with Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators today.

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