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The Perfect Time for Water Heater Maintenance

Monday, August 10th, 2020

When is the perfect time for water heater maintenance? It’s often one of those things that go entirely overlooked because the water heater is either working well or it’s not. Sure, we get calls for water heater repairs all the time, but it seems like nobody wants to schedule preventive care on their water heater. We’re here to argue that preventive care, like yearly maintenance, is sometimes the best type of service you can pay for.

Cold showers are always a nuisance, and when anyone is trying to do laundry or wash dishes, a water heater breakdown can be awful. Then comes trying to contact an HVAC contractor in Hartsdale, NY to schedule repairs that will hopefully get it working again.

What if those issues never came up? What if explained that water heater maintenance could help keep those repair needs at bay and hot water flowing? Let’s talk about it.

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Stay Comfortable This Summer with a Dehumidifier!

Monday, May 18th, 2020

Many homeowners stop after the purchase of an air conditioning system, thinking they’re in the clear. As long as the air cools to a temperature specified on the thermostat, everything should be perfectly comfortable right? Well, not exactly.

Temperature is only one side of a two-faced coin when it comes to home comfort. In order for an air conditioning system to function as well as it should, humidity should be taken into account. For homes that can’t quite get to that cooled down temperature, perhaps its time to look into the local White Plains HVAC company like ours for comprehensive dehumidifier support.

Dehumidifiers are incredible systems that can pull the excess moisture from the air, effectively lowering the temperature and making it easier for an air conditioner to function. Let’s take a look at why.

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The Unique Advantages of a Heat Pump

Monday, January 13th, 2020

When exploring options for heating a home, heat pumps are increasingly included as one the more reliable and affordable heating systems on the market. Just ten years ago heat pumps were a niche system that couldn’t hold a candle to more reliable heaters like furnaces and boilers. Now they’re some of the most efficient and effective units available.

We’re going to talk about the unique advantages and disadvantages a heat pump offers. As any Yonkers HVAC company should already know, heat pumps provide a perfect solution to many homes without ductwork or for homeowners who aren’t too keen on intrusive pipework for boilers. We urge homeowners to take a look at what we’ve listed below and consider whether a heat pump is right for them.

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