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It’s Finally Time to Switch Away From Oil Heating

Monday, February 19th, 2024

We’ve mentioned on this blog a few times that oil heating systems are not in the same position that they used to be. In the mid to late 20th century, it was common to find heating appliances that ran on oil, from boilers to furnaces, but this was from a different global market and economy. There was more oil coming domestically and from international partnerships that made the trade of it much easier. We also didn’t have to concern ourselves with the carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere.

Today, oil systems are more of a hassle than they are something to be proud of. And many of our customers don’t have them by choice—they could be the HVAC system found when a first-time homeowner finally moves in. This is often where the problem can be seen.

So, let’s talk about why oil systems are not as great as they used to be, and how customers can benefit from an oil to gas conversion in Queens.

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Why Switch to Natural Gas?

Monday, April 3rd, 2023

When it comes to heating systems, there are multiple different kinds of fuel sources. There are all-electric systems, like electric furnaces and heat pumps, but then there are combustion systems fueled by various other sources. Some people have oil-burning systems, and others rely on propane or natural gas. We’d argue that some of these are better than others, and our team is the one that will convert them to the best form.

We’d like to focus on the benefits of an oil to gas conversion in Pelham, NY. Sure, customers might have grown accustomed to their old boilers that run on oil, but that could be costing them a lot of money year after year. Natural gas is a more clean-burning source of fuel, as well as an efficient method for heating a home when compared to other fuel sources. And, as of now, natural gas is incredibly affordable.

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Take Advantage of Our Unique Services This Fall

Monday, October 5th, 2020

We’re not the average HVAC contractor. While we can do everything the average HVAC contractor can do, we make sure to go above and beyond. This includes offering services that are usually hard or that can be confusing for certain homeowners.

One of the services we offer that homeowners can take advantage of in our area is oil to gas conversion in Westchester, NY. Many homes in our area are still heated by oil heating systems, which can be problematic in a lot of ways. They’re not as efficient as systems that burn natural gas or use electricity, they’re dependent on oil that usually comes from overseas, and many of them are outdated and not as effective as they used to be. Thankfully, we’ve got a solution.

Homeowners out there should keep reading if they think they could use our oil to gas conversion services.

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Last Chance for Oil to Gas Conversion in Westchester County

Friday, February 1st, 2019

Now is the last chance for homeowners to convert their heating systems from oil to natural gas.

Due to pipeline constraints, ConEdison can no longer fulfill the demand for natural gas systems in more than half of Westchester County. Applications for new gas services will only be considered up to March 15, 2019.

But take note: the application period could close before that date. Applicants are being accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis until capacity is full. We suggest sending applications in as soon as possible for a chance at using natural gas.

ConEdison’s website contains information on how to apply as well as full details on the moratorium.

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