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Last Chance for Oil to Gas Conversion in Westchester County

Now is the last chance for homeowners to convert their heating systems from oil to natural gas.

Due to pipeline constraints, ConEdison can no longer fulfill the demand for natural gas systems in more than half of Westchester County. Applications for new gas services will only be considered up to March 15, 2019.

But take note: the application period could close before that date. Applicants are being accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis until capacity is full. We suggest sending applications in as soon as possible for a chance at using natural gas.

ConEdison’s website contains information on how to apply as well as full details on the moratorium.

Who Is Affected by the Moratorium?

According to ConEdison, the moratorium applies to:

  • New residential, and commercial and industrial customer gas service connections.
  • Incremental gas load on existing residential, and commercial and industrial customer gas accounts, unless it meets one of the exceptions.
  • New gas usage for heating, hot water, laundry, and cooking.

Those who already have a natural gas system will not be affected. However, anyone who wants to add new connections—either as a brand-new gas user or as an addition to their current gas system—will not be able to do so after the deadline.

There Will Be Some Exceptions

However, ConEdison’s website also states that there will be exceptions to the rule:

  • Small business customers in the food/beverage industry may email us to find out if gas is available prior to signing a lease. No new services will be installed, but they may be able to use an existing service for cooking.
  • Customers in the northernmost sections of Westchester County. These areas are served by a less-constrained gas transmission pipeline.
  • Customers with planned renovations who already have natural gas. You can reconnect your gas service provided that the renovations do not add a significant amount of gas load.

Homeowners who have any hopes (or doubts) about being able to use natural gas are advised to contact ConEdison at their earliest convenience.

Alternatives to Natural Gas

For those who are not able to convert to natural gas, ConEdison has also included a list of alternatives.

Not only does it provide alternative solutions, but it also includes details on rebates and incentives.

All applicants must send their request through a licensed professional. Contact Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators for help with any oil to gas conversion requests.

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