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5 Common Problems With a Heat Pump

Heat pumps are wonderful heating and cooling machines. They do a great job in the tri-state area, especially through mild winter days, chilly spring mornings, and hot summer evenings.

Instead of switching on a system that uses more energy and is wasteful, a heat pump does an excellent job of conserving energy while keeping a space comfortable. They’re perfect for our area, and we’re sure that customers have been enjoying them thoroughly. That’s why they’re so popular now!

But a heat pump isn’t without its problems. In fact, a heat pump can have its own unique issues that a homeowner isn’t quite ready to address. In the following few cases, we’d recommend calling a professional for heat pump service in Westchester. These issues can have a severe impact on the efficiency, output, and reliability of a heat pump system. This isn’t just recommended, it’s usually vital to avoid a system breakdown as well.

1. Switching Modes

Let’s start with the simplest issue to fix. A heat pump functions in two separate modes, heating and cooling. When a homeowner checks their thermostat for the first time in the season, they should always make sure that it’s running in the specific mode that’s required. For instance, now that it’s May, the thermostat should be switched from heating mode to cooling mode.

Remember, if the thermostat isn’t set to the proper mode, then the heat pump won’t recognize which direction it’s supposed to work in.

2. A Dirty Air Filter

A heat pump requires an air filter change every 1-3 months depending on certain factors. So, if it’s the first time in the season that the heat pump is running, or if it’s just started to work less efficiently, it’s always a good idea to change out the filter.

Dirty air filters can be bad for a number of different reasons, but they can be changed out by a homeowner. Our team can help with any special needs or requests when a filter is the culprit.

3. A Frozen Coil

A condenser coil can freeze up when something is wrong. A number of different things can cause this problem such as poor airflow, leaking refrigerant, and even an electrical malfunction. However, this problem usually can’t be fixed without professional help.

If any homeowners detect their system freezing up or getting too cold, then they need to call for professional support.

4. A Refrigerant Leak

A heat pump relies on refrigerant in order to properly work. When the refrigerant leaks from the system, it will undoubtedly start running into problems. These problems can be anything from a dip in comfort at home to a problem with the efficiency of the system. Some homeowners might even smell the leaking refrigerant since it has a chloroform-like scent. This needs to be fixed ASAP.

5. Short Cycling

A short cycling system is one that is in dire need of repair or replacement. This is when the system runs in short, frequent bursts, instead of the normal cooling or heating cycle. We recommend scheduling a repair for this system so our technicians can diagnose it properly.

Contact Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators for comprehensive heat pump repairs.

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