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DIY Water Heater Flushing Is a Bad Idea

Has anyone ever been in one of those situations where a good DIY project quickly turned into a nightmare? They spend all day buying supplies and getting ready to flush their water heater until they realize that they miscalculated something and it starts to flood the basement and ruins certain antique pieces of furniture.

The truth is that this happens more often than one might think, and our team is trying to solve that problem. The best way we can handle helping a homeowner out of this situation is to prevent it from happening in the first place. We want homeowners to be well aware of everything that’s required for any “simple” task that has to do with a water heater in Mamaroneck, NY.

So, let’s talk about more than just flushing a water heater. Let’s discuss what can go wrong with a water heater project and why it’s always better to defer to a professional.

What Can Go Wrong?

Let’s first start by talking about what can go wrong with a quick water heater repair, or when a homeowner tries to flush their water heater on their own. Here’s a hint—a LOT can go wrong.

  • Flooding. If things aren’t connected properly, or if the drain hose isn’t connected securely to the water heater, water could start leaking all over a basement and end up flooding it. This is especially bad if the water heater is in a finished or nice area of your home, leading to potential damage costs.
  • Corrosion or mold growth. Wherever water leaks out, mold or corrosion is sure to follow. This is why it’s so important to go with a professional; just one small leak that’s not entirely cleaned up can lead to years of mold growing in an area that doesn’t see much interaction with a homeowner or their family.
  • Forgetting to halt the water supply. This is an important one. Whenever a water heater is flushed, the water supply must be turned off, otherwise, water will continue to flush out with no end!
  • Not using the right material to drain water when it’s being flushed. A specific-sized hose is required to drain the water when a water heater is being flushed. Nothing feels worse than getting to this point and realizing that the water hose doesn’t fit the nozzle.

The Benefits of Going Pro

Here are a few solutions to the problems we talked about above.

  • Service is fast. Get the day back by hiring a pro to get the job done. Fast service means it’s done quicker and homeowners can get back to their lives.
  • Service is reliable. Reliability means that our team can get a water heater flushed without any problems. That’s our job!
  • It can be more affordable when compared to a botched fix. It might sound expensive to pay for a professional, but when compared to the repair costs of a botched water flushing operation, it’s more than affordable.

Don’t hesitate to avoid mistakes by working with a professional for water heater flushing and other water heating services.

Call Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators for more information on our water heater services.

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