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Use Indoor Air Quality Products for a Healthier Home

Most air conditioners and heaters come equipped with filters, which are designed to filter out dust, pet dander, and other contaminants in your home. Filters can function effectively, but they require regular changing or cleaning. Homeowners can purchase replacements at any hardware store or home improvement store in the Westchester, NY area, and changing filters takes only a few minutes.

For homeowners who want something more comprehensive to keep their indoor air clean, a number of indoor air quality products are available. They come in a variety of types; the best fit for each home depends on the unique needs of the residents.

Electronic Air Filters

Some families are concerned mainly with excessive dust and contaminants in the air, and basic filters aren’t sufficient for this. For example, families with newborns often need cleaner air to prevent illness or infection. The same holds true for families with elderly members or with members suffering from conditions such as asthma. An electronic air filter doesn’t use a screen or mesh to strain out contaminants. Instead, it relies upon an ionization chamber which charges particles that pass through it, causing them to stick to a collection pan. It affects all particles, no matter how small, and works in conjunction with your heater and air conditioner to slowly cleanse the air as it moves through the system.

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Some homes are less concerned with dust in the air than with the ambient moisture content. If the air becomes too humid—as it often does in the summer—it feels hotter than it is and can foster the growth of mold and bacteria. Excessively dry air, which the winter cold often creates, leaves skin feeling dry and cracked, and increases the risk of cold and infection. Whole-house humidifiers and dehumidifiers can treat the problem: helping the moisture of the air stay at a comfortable level.

Contact Yost and Campbell Heating, Cooling and Generators to install, repair and maintain indoor air quality products like these.

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