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What’s That Booming Sound?

A furnace can make a few noises as it works hard to keep a home heated, but none of them are as infamous as the “boom.” For old furnace owners, this sound might feel commonplace, but we’d like to give some insight into this noise and help convince our customers that it’s not.

A booming furnace is in fact a big problem, and it could potentially turn into a failed furnace or an unsafe situation. Further down in this blog, we’re going to describe how this process occurs and why it’s so bad for a furnace system. Sure, a furnace can continue to work while it gets worn down but that’s not going to mean its lifespan won’t get cut in half due to a problem that should have been addressed.

It’s time to remove the threat of a failed furnace by scheduling either furnace maintenance or furnace repairs in Westchester, NY. Then, we’ll go from there and figure out a few more ways to address furnace problems and keep things running smoothly.

Why a Furnace Might Boom

A furnace is a complex machine, but the end goal is pretty simple. It’s supposed to burn gas and create heat that then keeps all the air in a home warm. This is a simple and straightforward process, but in order for it to be done safely, it needs a few more steps.

For instance, the gas is injected into a combustion chamber where an electric ignition lights it and creates a flame. This flame is what heats up your home’s air, but it also creates smoke and fumes that can be dangerous to inhale. That’s where the heat exchanger warms the clean, breathable air that will be vented into your home, and the fumes get jettisoned outside.

However, if a furnace is booming, it’s likely due to a delayed ignition.

The Long Term Consequences of Delayed Ignition

Delayed ignition occurs when the gas injectors of the system get gunked up with soot, dirt, dust, and ash. This usually happens after years of working without maintenance or cleaning.

Then, as the gas gets injected into the combustion chamber, it takes a little while for the system to ignite the gas, as it pools up. This can lead to a miniature explosion, which is what the booming sound is.

Unfortunately, this explosion can reduce the structural integrity of the system and—most importantly—the heat exchanger which is responsible for keeping dangerous fumes like carbon monoxide out of your home. Years of suffering this kind of damage can cause gas and fumes to leak into a home’s air supply, which can be extremely dangerous.

Call for Repairs ASAP

If a furnace is making a grinding, booming, or buzzing noise at all, then we urge our customers to call for help. These noises, especially the booming, can spell disaster for a home’s comfort levels, efficiency, and safety if they’re not treated by a professional.

Contact Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators for comprehensive furnace care.

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