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Westchester County: 914.668.6461

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Last Minute Furnace Repairs Might Be Necessary

It’s true that we only have about a month left of winter before temperatures are supposed to start warming up. However, a month can feel like a decade when someone is struggling with a furnace that’s starting to fail. Repairs should never be reserved for only fall, mainly because some of the worst problems occur right at the end of winter when homeowners think they’ll make it through the whole season without them.

Today, we’d like to focus on the idea of last-minute repairs. Technically, no furnace repair in Westchester is last minute because we provide these services year-round. But to a homeowner preparing for the spring, it can feel like a waste. We’d like to talk about how these types of repairs are never a waste and how they can actually save a home that might otherwise become cold from a furnace breakdown.

Repairs Are Never Based on Convenience

Look, here’s one important thing that we need to get across. When a furnace breaks down, it breaks down. Furnaces never wait until their owner is bored and has nothing else to do, they usually break down at a random point in the day or night and it’s up to us to get them fixed. If anyone out there thinks that their furnace will last because they’ve been home a lot this year and it hasn’t broken yet, that might be a bad mindset.

Just keep in mind that furnace repairs should be expected no matter what month it is. We want homeowners to be vigilant so that they aren’t surprised or their lives aren’t disrupted when they encounter a furnace problem. That’s why our team is available, so we can help at a moment’s notice when something goes wrong.

Repairs Keep Things Safe

This point is pretty self-explanatory, but we’ll still mention it! Gas furnaces burn fuel to heat a home, which means that they need to operate safely, otherwise there could be a leak of gas, carbon monoxide, or smoke. When homeowners stumble on a foul odor or some kind of problem occurring with their furnace, they need to get it addressed soon to ensure that there isn’t a safety problem. It doesn’t matter what time of year this might be, it’s important!

The Coldest Temperatures Might Still Be Ahead of Us

February can often be one of the coldest months of the year. Also, we assume that March is going to be warmer, but there can be a few frigid days in that month as well. As much as we’d like to think that spring is around the corner, there’s still a large section of winter that’s coming, and it’s important to be prepared.

If anyone’s furnace is struggling to provide heat when temperatures reach their lowest, the system needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Some of our coldest temperatures might still be ahead of us, which means it’s even more important that the furnace is ready and willing to provide powerful heat at an efficient rate.

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