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4 Reasons to Replace a Thermostat Today

Thermostats are incredible inventions of modern technology. While they’re easy to take for granted (small devices mounted on the wall that can be easy to miss), they’re integral to the heating process. Back before thermostats existed, people had to configure heating systems manually, sometimes even shoveling new fuel into a furnace or placing more logs into a fireplace. Thermostats allow people to focus on their lives while pressing a button that automatically raises or lowers the heat for them.

Now, what if we said that thermostats have now gotten even more technologically advanced to the point of being capable of running reports, being controlled via Wi-Fi, or being able to conduct your heating with precision controls. While many HVAC contractors offer heating repair in Yonkers, NY they also offer thermostat upgrades that could make all of these convenient new advantages a reality.

Let’s get into the specifics.

Advantages of a Smart Thermostat

Back in the day, it was “put another log on the fire” and that was the end of it. Perhaps the furnace was using coal or oil instead. Now there are intricate systems involved in the heating process, and even the thermostat has a computer within it that can sense the inefficiencies of a heating system.

  • Increased Efficiency. How is this an advantage of a new thermostat? Well, smart thermostats can be programmed to lower heating temperatures when nobody is home and increase them when there is a need for heat. These hours of less fuel consumption add up to savings on any homeowner’s heating bill. Keep detailed records of how efficient your system is running and make tweaks to comfort levels where they can be useful.
  • Information. Smart thermostats can give very clear glimpses into how a home’s energy is being used. This information can be vital for family members who are trying to cut back spending and find where they can save some money. Smart thermostat reports are accurate and can be used to curb spending and heating habits to meet budget and comfort needs.
  • Customizable Comfort. Smart thermostats can be used from a smart phone or tablet anywhere in the home, which means any member of the family can turn the temperature up when they feel cold without having to travel from room to room. This saves time and eventually costs.
  • Convenience. Doesn’t it just feel easier to turn the heat up when coming back from a long day at work, or while being stuck in traffic during a blizzard? Of course it does. A smart or Wi-Fi thermostat can be the easiest piece of equipment to use and will feel natural after a few uses.

Look Out for Rebates!

Some energy companies, manufacturers, and contractors offer rebates on thermostat upgrades. This is because they ultimately help to keep heaters and air conditioners in good condition while helping customers save money and use less energy. It’s in everyone’s best interests to switch from a manual thermostat to a smart thermostat, for all the reasons we just mentioned.

If a smart thermostat sounds like a good investment, give our team a call today at Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators.

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