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3 Signs of Imminent Heater Repair

Heating systems can run into trouble in all sorts of ways. A professional technician has the tools and experience to evaluate these problems accurately, but homeowners should still use their own senses to pick up on problems.

For instance, if a furnace is making a buzzing noise that’s inconsistent with how it normally operates, this is a clear reason to call for heating service in Westchester, NY, since it’s not a good sign. A professional will be able to evaluate the situation in further detail and repair it thoroughly, but the detection of a problem can often times be up to the homeowner.

So, how can someone better detect a problem that might mean imminent heating repairs are in the future? That’s going to be the focus of today’s blog. Our phone lines are open and ready for customers who are first in line to detect an issue.

Foul Odors

First, homeowners should use their nostrils as a way to detect a problem. We’re serious!

A nose is well-equipped to detect things like mercaptan, which is the rotten egg-smelling odor that’s added to natural gas to make it more detectable to humans. If customers detect foul odors like leaking gas, smoke, burning hair or plastic, or even just air that gives a headache, these can all be signs that something is seriously wrong.

Remember, a furnace can also leak carbon monoxide which is an odorless, colorless gas that negatively affects a person’s health. This can be detected through health effects like nausea, fatigue, memory issues, and other signs—so stay vigilant!

Strange Noises

If a heater is making a loud or uncomfortable noise, this is usually an obvious sign that something is wrong. A furnace is supposed to kick on, run a cycle, and shut down, all without bothering the people living in the home.

If the unit is buzzing, grinding, booming, shaking, or rattling, then it needs to be repaired.

High Bills

A gas furnace should be able to keep things warm and comfortable without breaking the bank. This goes for heat pumps, boilers, and electric furnaces as well, since they’re all well-equipped to handle this kind of job.

If a heating system of any kind costs too much money to operate on a monthly basis, then something is clearly wrong. Perhaps the system is old and outdated, requiring a whole unit replacement. Or maybe it’s just buckling under the pressure and needs a quick fix. Either way, our team can help.

No Heat

Let’s keep things simple: a heating system’s sole purpose for being in the home and consuming fuel or energy is to heat the house. If it can’t do this simple job, then there’s something seriously wrong with it that a technician should fix.

No amount of space heaters will make this problem non-existent, and sometimes space heaters can both be fire hazards and cause a heating bill to skyrocket when the central heating system would be more successful if it just gets repaired.

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