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When Should an AC Be Replaced or Repaired?

To repair or replace, that is the question! This could be one of the hardest parts about owning an air conditioner that’s getting on in years. When that AC starts causing problems, our first inclination is to call for repairs and have the problem fixed—but sometimes that’s not the best decision to make.

Let’s face it, air conditioners don’t last forever, and the longer a homeowner goes ignoring that advice, the longer they’ll be paying too much money for the operation of an ancient system. AC repair in the Bronx, NY doesn’t always cut it, and for the systems that are on their last legs, AC replacement can be the service to set it straight.

We’re going to talk about AC replacement and how that can often save homeowners more money than they’re willing to admit.

Why Not Just Repair It?

Sure, getting air conditioner repairs are cheaper in the moment. We’re not just talking about the cheapest option when a problem arises, but we’re talking about problems that are bound to happen in the future. Aging air conditioners run into more problems on average than newer ones, and that rate just gets worse as the years go by. So, in the case of the following types of situations, air conditioning replacement is going to be better than repairs.

  • Age. If an air conditioner reaches a certain point, between 10–15 years old, it’s going to start running into more problems. This is just born out statistically. Does anyone out there have an air conditioner with over a decade under its belt? Then it’s time to make a decision for the future and sign up for AC replacement services.
  • Frequent Repairs. An AC on average requires a repair every few years. When an air conditioner starts requiring repairs every few months, or even more frequently than that, it’s becoming a detriment to the homeowner. Not only are frequent repairs obnoxious, but they’re expensive and unnecessary. It’s time to invest in AC replacement today.
  • Efficiency Decrease. Aging air conditioners start to run inefficiently over time. This is just a law of the universe. This is because systems lose efficiency over time, in combination with the fact that newer AC models are always more efficient due to advancing technology that’s constantly getting better. By signing up for replacement, homeowners can take advantage of this technological advancement.
  • Costly Repairs. When an air conditioner requires expensive repairs, we have a rule of thumb to tell us if it’s time for a replacement. If the repairs cost more than half the price of a brand-new air conditioning replacement, then opting for the replacement is always better. That money will go much further than the repairs that are being considered.

A Long-Term Solution

AC replacement is just a long-term solution. Repairs can be great for a system that’s under 10 years old and hasn’t really run into many issues before, but a consistently failing air conditioner needs to be replaced in order to retain any semblance of efficiency or cost-effectiveness.

Call the team at Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators for an AC replacement today.

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