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Dehumidifier Services in Westchester County, NY

Things can get pretty hot here in Westchester County in the summer, but the heat is nothing compared to the oppressive humidity. It’s almost a part of the culture. When the steam rises off of the streets, your comfort is going to suffer. Your air conditioner can provide some respite from the high humidity, but it’s designed to deal with temperature, not moisture control, and too much humidity can create problems as well.

A better option would be a dehumidifier, designed to remove the excess moisture in your air and a whole lot of problems along with it. At Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators we consider dehumidifier services as important as air conditioning in the summertime, and are skilled at dehumidifier repair and servicing as well as installing new units for households that need them. For the best dehumidifier service in town, ours is the only number to call. Let us know how we can make your summer a little more pleasant.

What Happens When the Humidity Is Too High?

Humidity is measured in relative humidity, which is a percentage. The higher the percentage, the more moisture is in the air. Once it rises past about 50% or so, there’s too much moisture in the air for the sweat to easily evaporate off of your body, which is our natural way of keeping cool. The air feels hotter than it is—forcing your air conditioner to work harder than it should and raising both monthly bills and the chances of a more serious breakdown. That comes on top of the usual issues with high humidity, such as the spread of mold, bacteria and diseases, as well as that clammy feeling that seems to hang over Westchester County occasionally.

Dehumidifiers to the Rescue

Air conditioners actually serve as de facto dehumidifiers simply by doing their jobs. Lowering the temperature in the air causes the ambient moisture to coalesce and form droplets. Many air conditioners have condensate pans to catch those droplets as they form. But as we said above, they’re not specifically set up for that, and the kind of humidity we experience in Westchester County can make things very hard for them.

The best dehumidifiers simply adopt what the air conditioner does as a side effect. Only in this case, removing moisture from the air is its sole purpose. Desginated dehumidifiers are able to process much more air and store much larger quantities of condensate. At Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators, we provide quality dehumidifier installation and repair. Call us to find the right system for you!

We Can Give You Options for Dehumidifiers

Every home is different, and your humidity levels can vary based on things like insulation, sunlight exposure, waterproofing on your roof, and the like. That’s why Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators will give your home a close look and discuss your dehumidifier options with you before we perform the actual installation. We also know that your dehumidifier will be with you for a long time, which is why we offer dehumidifier repair and replacement services as well. Contact us today for the best dehumidifier service in the Five Boroughs!

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Wow! The service, communication, and professionalism I experienced from Yost and Campbell from start to finish completely exceeded my expectations.

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Thank you very much for coming to our house so late last night to go over everything. It has been a pleasure dealing with you during this entire process.


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