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Why Is My Cough Not Getting Better?

Indoor air quality service isn’t just for comfort purposes, it’s also for improving the health of homeowners in our area. Coughing, sneezing, and trouble breathing can all be helped or hindered by the status of air quality in a home. If homeowners in our area are suffering from coughing and sneezing that doesn’t seem to be going away, the culprit can likely be the air of their own home. That’s why we offer indoor air quality solutions and HVAC services in Queens, NY, to provide a way to combat the nasty health effects of poor indoor air.

We’re going to talk about the ways that an air purifier or air filtration system can help reduce coughing and sneezing, while also improving the health of homeowners who use these systems. Different indoor air quality problems call for different solutions, and it’s time we took a look at what those solutions entail.

The Source of the Cough

If homeowners find themselves constantly coughing and sneezing in their own homes, the culprit could be somewhere in their indoor air. However, pinpointing what exactly is the problem could be a bit trickier.

  • Microscopic particles. If a home requires filtration, homeowners would be able to tell because they’re constantly needing to sneeze and cough from inhaling things like dust, dirt, hair, allergens, and other tiny particles that are being cycled through the home’s HVAC system.
  • Viruses, bacteria, and mold spores. These types of particles can also lead to homeowners constantly being sick, coughing, and sneezing regularly. Viruses and bacteria can get stuck in a home’s air ducts or be cycled through the HVAC system, along with mold spores that will ultimately make anyone breathing the air sick. That’s why air purifiers exist, to neutralize these microorganisms and eliminate them so that they can’t cause problems.

Air Filtration

By utilizing an air filtration system, dust, debris, pet dander, hair, and other irritants can be easily filtered out of a home’s indoor air. These can range anywhere from irritating to some people, to downright dangerous for people who suffer from asthma or other respiratory sensitivities who require fresh, clean air to breathe easily.

Air Purification

For homeowners worried that they’re getting sick from mold, bacteria, or viruses, a UV air purifier, or ultraviolet air purifier, can nullify those germs and cause air to be cleaned regularly. By using ultraviolet radiation, similar to the sun’s rays, a UV air purifier will stop the organism from being able to reproduce, effectively neutralizing it before it enters the air of a home. Don’t worry about any negative side effects; that ultraviolet radiation is contained within the air duct system so it never reaches or harms the interior of anyone’s home.

Using Both

Sometimes one indoor air quality solution isn’t enough, and if a home is suffering from both germs and microscopic irritants, then using a combination of both air filtration systems and air purifiers can be the perfect solution that a house needs. Don’t let the constant sneezing and coughing become the new normal: treat problematic indoor air quality today.

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