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What to Think about When Installing a Generator

Residents of Yonkers, NY know all too well what kind of havoc Mother Nature can inflict. Our civic electrical system is very reliable, but that won’t always matter when the winds start to blow and the rain or snow comes pouring down. The best defense against such a development is the installation of an automatic standby generator in your home, which can kick in the moment the power goes out and keep your home safe and comfortable until regular power is restored. A trained service provider can help you select the right model and then install it for you. Here are a few basic factors to keep in mind when making your decision.

Power Levels

The generator need to have enough power to run your most vital appliances—things like the refrigerator and heater—and ideally every electrical appliance in your home. A technician should perform an energy audit of your home and list the power requirements of all the appliances there. The list can tell you how much power you need and help you prioritize the most important appliances in case you need a generator that can only support some at a time.


An automatic standby generator needs to have easy access to your household power grid, as well as proper venting to release exhaust fumes. It also needs to be easily reached in the event of a crisis, so you can refuel it and attended to similar issues.

Fuel Consumption

Pay careful attention to the fuel consumption rate of your generator, and always have enough fuel standing by to last for several days. The last thing you want is to run out of fuel in the middle of a crisis. All generators should list their fuel consumption rate on the packaging, so you know how much you’ll need.

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