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What to Do When Your Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On

Some signs of air conditioning trouble are subtle and hard to spot. This isn’t one of them. When you air conditioner won’t turn on, or shuts off unexpectedly in the middle of a cycle, you know you’ve got problems. White Plains, NY gets very hot in the summer, and only a few hours without air conditioning can be worse than uncomfortable: it can result in heat stroke or other health issues for your family. When the system breaks down, you need to make sure you keep as cool as possible until we can arrive to perform air conditioning repairs. Here are some concrete steps to take whenever your AC shuts off unexpectedly.

  • Troubleshoot before calling a repair service. Sometimes, the shutdown may have been causes by an unexpected electrical surge which tripped the breakers, or someone fiddling with the thermostat without your knowledge. Check those two spot first and call in the cavalry only when you’ve ascertained that the system needs professional help.
  • Keeps doors and windows closed. This applies not only to outside doors and windows, but inside ones as well. Opening them releases the cool air behind them and allows hot air to stay in.
  • Stay on the lower floors. Heat rises, which means the upper stories of your house are apt to be much hotter than the lower stories. Stick to the ground floor or even the basement if yours is clean and comfortable.
  • Limit activities. Physical exercise and heavy chores should probably wait until the air conditioner is fixed. Instead, look to quiet activities like reading or playing board games.
  • Drink lots of liquid and wear lightweight clothes. Hydrating helps keep you cool and light clothes will let your skin breathe when the heat rises.

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