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What Can Go Wrong With a Heat Pump?

Sometimes it can feel like furnace owners get all the spotlight during the winter months. It’s true that furnaces are more common than heat pumps, so it only makes sense to cater to what customers want to hear. But that might not be the case for much longer.

More and more homeowners are turning to heat pump systems to both heat and cool their homes. When it comes to apartments and condos, which are affordable for many of our customers, heat pumps are generally a great investment that can cut money off of each monthly utility bill. The tricky part comes when repairs are needed and the troubleshooting process is a bit different as opposed to troubleshooting a furnace.

So, what can homeowners expect when their heat pump runs into problems? Well, we’ll cover the basics here. Just remember to schedule heating repair in Scarsdale, NY for proper services.

A Refrigerant Leak

A refrigerant leak can occur in a heat pump, and not occur in other heating systems. That’s because a heat pump is the only type of heating system that uses refrigerant both in summer and in winter. So, if a heating system is leaking refrigerant, then it’s going to need professional heat pump repairs.

This can usually be identified in a number of different ways. Poor system performance, bad efficiency, and even a bubbling and hissing noise can signal that the system is losing refrigerant dramatically. Then, just call our team for repairs.

Electrical Failure

Heat pumps rely on a lot of electricity to heat a home. This means that a tripped circuit breaker or a problem with electrical components can lead to a home getting too cold and a heat pump breakdown. Buzzing noises or just complete system shutdowns can clue anyone in to an electrical failure that needs to be addressed.

Compressor Problems

Heat pumps rely on pressurizing the refrigerant to draw in and disperse heat over time. This is how the heating (and cooling) process works. Therefore, if the compressor component gets blocked up with snow or starts running into problems, it’s going to translate into poor heating and an uncomfortable home.

Unfortunately, a failed compressor can sometimes be one of the most expensive repairs a heat pump can require. This is why hiring a professional is so important—so customers can get an accurate diagnosis and have viable options for planning ahead.

Reversing Valve Issues

Every spring and fall, homeowners can change their heat pumps from “heating” to “cooling” mode and vice versa. This is especially important when temperatures suddenly dip down below freezing, or rise above the triple digits seemingly out of nowhere. That’s where a reversing valve problem can take the spotlight.

In order for the refrigerant to reverse direction, it relies on a component called the “reversing valve,” which does exactly what it sounds like. If there’s a problem with this component, or other components that contribute to this process, then the system will be stuck in one mode when it should be in another.

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