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What to Do With a Compressor Problem

There are two words that every homeowner holds their breath when they hear during an AC diagnosis. Those words are “compressor problem,” because everyone at this point knows how expensive this kind of problem can be.

The compressor is the beating heart of the AC. Without it, the system would just be one oversized fan that blows untreated air around. It’s only with this component that the system can actually cool the air inside of a home and do its job as an air conditioner. The one caveat is that it’s an expensive piece of equipment and it’s not easily fixed.

Today, we want to give a brief homeowner’s guide to a compressor problem and the following air conditioning service in the Bronx, NY. From a complete breakdown to just small issues with the compressor, these can sometimes be too expensive to handle. This blog will help guide customers toward a cost-effective solution without breaking the bank.

Evaluating the Damage

The compressor of an air conditioner is easily the most important and expensive piece of equipment. That’s why the diagnosis of the system, whether it’s broken down or just having issues, is a vital part of the repair or replacement process. Always trust a professional to do this.

A pro will likely open the system up and evaluate the damage. There are certain sensitive components, wires, and refrigerant lines that can be expensive to repair or replace. A professional estimate is going to give customers a good idea of what they can expect to pay for repairs.

Take the System’s Age Into Consideration

Don’t forget about the age of the air conditioner! An older compressor is still going to be expensive to repair, and it might even be more expensive depending on if it has any outdated or hard-to-find components.

Repairing an old compressor is almost never a good idea. An expensive repair for a system that’s 10+ years old is only going to net a few more years of good service before another problem pops up or energy bills start dramatically increasing. This is when a system replacement ends up being a better option.

Replacing the System Might Be the Better Option

When a compressor issue leads to a hefty estimate, it’s important to evaluate what the options might be. One option is replacing the entire system with a new and more updated air conditioner. Not only will this solve the problem at hand, but it will also last a good 10–15 years in the future if it’s maintained properly.

This is a good idea if the compressor repair is already looking to be expensive, or if the AC that requires repairs is starting to get old and outdated.

Utilize Financing Options and Credit Where Needed

Remember, it’s important to make the most cost-effective decision possible. If a new AC replacement is going to be a better choice all around, then it’s worth it, even if a customer has to use credit or one of our financing options. This will cost less in the long run and will leave a home more comfortable too.

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