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Why a Scalding Water Heater Is a Bad Thing

Tank water heaters grant us the ability to use hot water whenever we want. All homeowners need to do is flip or twist the handle on their faucet, and hot water of whatever comfortable temperature comes out and can help with cleaning, bathing, or even drinking. However, what if the water that comes from the faucet isn’t comfortable? What if it’s scalding hot and almost injures friends and family?

Well, this is a problem that we get calls about often, and scalding water temperature can be a sign that a home requires professional water heater repair in the Bronx, NY. Water heaters are supposed to be temperature regulated, and most of them are set to 120°F to allow for hot temperatures that don’t put a whole family in danger.

Let’s discuss why scalding water that’s coming from the water heater might be a big problem down the line.

The Settings on the Water Heater Might Be Wrong

Water heaters need to be set to a specific temperature in order to be used immediately. Since most homes have storage-tank water heaters, the water needs to be consistently kept at this temperature so that when it gets mixed with cold water and sent through a home’s appliances, it’s exactly the temperature that’s desired. However, in order for this process to work, the water heater needs to be calibrated correctly.

If any homeowners are experiencing scalding, it could be due to an improperly set up water heater that needs to be fixed. These temperature controls need to be precisely tuned by a professional, and any homeowner who tries to do this work themselves might end up making things worse.

Appliances Might Need an Upgrade

Sometimes the water heater can start faltering in its temperature control. This can lead to water that’s too cold (which is a lot easier for homeowners to notice and take action against) or water that’s too hot. A water heater that’s running too hot often can be less of an incentive for homeowners to get repaired since technically it still works. However, this is a problem that could call for a water heater upgrade.

Many water heaters manufactured today have precise temperature measuring instruments that are digital. These systems can feel like a massive upgrade when compared to a home that’s dealing with a scalding water heater.

Don’t Use a Regular Thermostat, Call For Help

Many homeowners try to mitigate a problem with their water heater by purchasing a thermostat that they use to measure the heat of the water. This is why that’s a problem.

First of all, this thermostat might not correctly measure the water and actually lead to more problems down the line. Secondly, this is only a temporary reprieve from the problem since a scalding water heater needs a professional to fix it.

Lastly, water heaters specifically have temperature measuring systems set up when they’re installed. If a homeowner is dealing with a water heater that has a malfunctioning or broken thermostat, then a technician should fix it so works again.

It’s time to contact Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators for help with a scalding water heater.

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