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The Science of Radiant Heat

Ever since ancient times, people have used boiler systems to heat their homes. Hot water is an excellent method of heat transference since it has high specific heat and capacity for holding and giving off heat. In this day and age boilers aren’t the only heating systems available, and they’re not the only efficient choice either, but for many homeowners, they’re the most comfortable choice.

Today, we want to get into the specifics of radiant heat and why so many homeowners prefer the heat of water boilers in Yonkers to that of a furnace’s heat. There is some interesting science behind how radiant heat works and why it’s such a preferred method of heating. It functions similarly to the radiant heat that’s produced from sunlight on a warm day!

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How Radiant Heat Works

When a warm object radiates heat, it emanates the heat through objects, including air, water, and people or animals. This type of heat doesn’t depend on air ducts or other methods of hot air transportation, because the objects themselves are being heated up. This is why boilers systems rely on pipework instead of air ducts, because the system doesn’t need air to transfer heat throughout a house. The water in the pipes does this and our customers feel heat as a byproduct!

Radiant heat is scientifically one of the most effective ways of heating something. When anyone uses an electric stove to boil water, that’s radiant heat because the heat is directly warming up the pot of water.

Also, water is an amazing source of heat when temperatures are cold. Hot water holds heat very well, so as it travels through a home, it should have enough heat to keep a whole family comfortable with minimal energy loss.

Why Homeowners Still Choose Radiant Heaters

Let’s talk about comfort.

A boiler heating system is preferred by many homeowners because of how it feels. Radiant heat doesn’t depend on air vents or ductwork. In fact, it uses radiators, which are large objects that radiate heat throughout a home. Now, not every boiler uses a radiator, and many run through floorboards in a house or even the walls.

This radiant heat feels similar to the sun on a warm summer’s day. It heats up all the objects in a home to make it as cozy as possible. With forced-air heaters, they can still heat the air but sometimes objects will remain cold, especially if they’re near a window.

Is Radiant Heat Efficient?

Yes! While a lot of people consider gas furnaces or heat pumps to be the efficiency powerhouses of heating systems, boilers are still up there. Boilers can run on natural gas and also the method of heat that they produce is extremely efficient. Radiant heat is one of the most efficient methods of heat transference, and it’s a great idea to invest in this kind of system when homeowners are looking to save money and reduce their carbon footprint.

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