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Storms, Outages, and a Sound Protection Plan

Winters can be hit or miss in New York. Sometimes the forecast can be full of snow, causing things to get backed up and road conditions to become unsafe. Other winters see barely any snow at all and just a lot of cold rain and storms instead. But the temperature is usually always chilly, which means everyone is powering their heating units on the grid, causing outages that come and go.

This is why, for many in our area, generators and maintenance go hand in hand as a protection plan. Bad storms and outages are almost a given each year, so having a plan in place to keep electricity flowing and to help HVAC equipment last is going to be a huge boon for a home’s comfort and reliability. Today, we’re going to focus on the benefits of having this kind of emergency protection plan in place, and how anyone could set one up.

Emergency Supplies

First, a protection plan should always include emergency supplies such as flashlights, non-perishable food, drinking water, blankets, and a first aid kit. Even if a home has power during a bad storm, things could get bad very quickly depending on whether it’s a snow storm, thunder storm, or even just long-term flooding.

For any customers out there, take inventory of what’s required in the home. Then, with one quick errand run, these can all be kept in a nice bin out of sight for when bad weather arrives.

A Reliable Generator

Emergency supplies are a necessary first step, but many homeowners just stop there when they could go the extra mile. A generator is a great tool during storms and outages when the power grid fluctuates. The problem is that many customers choose portable or small generators that are not designed to power a home.

These small generators are also powered by gasoline, which makes them expel noxious fumes and run inefficiently.

Our team installs natural gas-powered generators that can automatically turn on when power fluctuations are detected. This means that even when a family isn’t home, the generator can switch on and keep food fresh or security systems activated.

Make Sure It Works!

Just because a generator was installed recently doesn’t mean it will automatically work! Make sure that any problems are addressed with professional repairs and that the unit is maintained on a regular basis so it’s ready to protect the home.

Maintenance for Smaller Issues

Large issues are unavoidable, such as an outage due to a storm or a problem with flooding. These are just natural occurrences in our area and we have to deal with them the best we can. But many issues, such as problems with a heating or cooling system are completely avoidable with maintenance.

For customers looking ahead to plan and protect their homes from problems, yearly maintenance can be a great way to extend protection throughout a home and enjoy more peace of mind.

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