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Set Up an AC for Success!

Air conditioning failures are not that hard to notice. Anyone out there can tell that they’re suffering from an AC failure if a once-a-year heatwave has struck the tri-state area and their home is stuck baking at 90°F no matter what button is pressed on the thermostat. While it’s a bit more complicated than just successes and failures, to some homeowners they just want their AC to succeed.

So, regardless of how well an AC is working, here are a few tips to help move it from the “failure” category to the “success” category. Between some best practices, some tips about professional service, and some pro tips, it’s possible to improve efficiency and comfort levels in a home through just a few lifestyle changes.

For homeowners out there who are struggling with their air conditioners, we can help. Just give our team a call for air conditioning service in New Rochelle, NY if there’s a problem and we’ll fix it.

Replace the Air Filter

The air filter is an integral component of an air conditioner. It carries an immense responsibility by filtering out any and all contaminants that would seek to damage the sensitive, interior components like the system’s compressor or the coils. However, the longer an air conditioner goes on working, the more clogged the air filter will get. That’s why it’s up to homeowners to clean out the filter and either replace it with a new one (if it’s disposable) or clean it off and put it back.

Don’t fall behind on this necessary duty. Cleaning out the air filter can help avoid a whole host of problems and ensure an AC runs at peak performance.

Insulate Windows, Doors, and Walls

When air escapes through cracks in windowsills, doors, and walls, it becomes harder and harder for an air conditioner to properly cool a home. This is a serious concern for many homeowners, especially ones in older, draftier homes that need extra help. Protect the efficiency of the system and the comfort of the home by investing in insulation services.

Limit the Light

While sunlight and wonderfully brilliant lamps might look amazing, they produce a lot of heat. Sunlight can cause a home’s temperature to creep up a few degrees and incandescent light bulbs will also provide a nominal amount of heat. This means that the more windows that are bringing in light and the more lights that are on, the hotter a home will feel.

Use curtains and shades to block out the sun at the hottest point of the day and turn lights off to help an AC work efficiently.

Unblock All Vents

Some homeowners think that if they block certain vents, they’ll be making it easier for their air conditioner to provide the important rooms with cool air. This couldn’t be further from the truth. An air conditioner is load calculated, which means it’s designed to cool the exact amount of air in the home it’s set up for. A smaller space means it’s going to run inefficiently, most likely in short cycles, just to keep a home cool. Basically, unblock all vents to maximize efficiency.

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