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Duct for Cover! The Problems with Ducts in Disrepair

We could talk for hours about air ducts. Seriously, these parts of our HVAC systems might not seem like that big of a deal, but they’re special places. They are responsible for transporting the cooled or heated air from an HVAC system directly into a home. Without them, an HVAC system would just push an uneven flow of air from wherever the system was, leaving certain rooms uncomfortable.

What can possibly go wrong with air ducts? Can’t anyone just use duct tape to clear up the leaks and gaps? Plenty can go wrong with the air ducts in a home, and duct tape is far from the best solution. In fact, duct tape is inappropriately named because it’s so bad at solving air duct issues.

Call our team for duct services in White Plains, NY as we talk about the problems people in our area face every year.

Duct Leaks, Gaps, and Tears

The biggest and most important reason to look into duct services from our team is to fix these kinds of issues. Duct leaks, gaps, and tears can provide some catastrophic reductions in efficiency that will end up costing homeowners a ton of money.

  • Poor efficiency. A heater might work as hard as it possibly can this year to keep a home comfortable, but it just won’t matter if the air ducts aren’t in good shape. It’s possible to lose up to 30% of treated air from problems with ductwork.
  • Poor comfort. How comfortable can a home get if the air created by the HVAC system can barely make it to the rooms of a house? We don’t live in the 19th century anymore, and we don’t need to sit around the fire just to get warm during the winter nights. We can rely on air ducts to transport our heated air directly into our bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms so that we feel cozy.
  • Air quality contaminants. When there are holes in a home’s otherwise clean air ducts, contaminants like dust, dirt, debris, pet dander, and mold spores can enter the air cycle. This will mean homeowners are more susceptible to inhaling particles that they shouldn’t.
  • Critters. Air ducts can be the perfect place for little critters to hibernate during the winter. The ducts are warm, they’re dark, and if they’re neglected, there are some perfectly sized holes and gaps for critters to fit through. Homeowners should never allow critters to plague their HVAC system like this.

Choose Our Team

When deciding to purchase services that might turn a winter from a debilitating nightmare into a cozy time of year, why not go with the top-performing contractor for 9 years in a row? Our team specializes in these kinds of services. We’ve been working on heaters and air ducts for generations—seriously, we’ve been in business since 1939!

Family-owned and operated HVAC service providers like us can help customize a solution that works. If ductwork is going to be too expensive to repair, we can help customers customize their heating experience with a ductless mini split or other type of system that works.

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