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Nasty Boiler Noises to Look Out For

We love talking about boilers. This isn’t just because they’re some of the most reliable and efficient heating systems in existence, but because they can be relatively easy to repair or maintain if homeowners are vigilant. Boilers run silently, which means any noises that a system makes can be rather obvious for any person who comes across them.

Today, we’re going to go into detail about the different types of noises a boiler can make and what they usually signal. The other reason for talking about this is because, when it comes to heating repair in Yonkers, NY, boilers need to be addressed quickly compared to other heaters. If a noise is neglected and there’s a serious problem, homeowners could end up dealing with leaking pipes that severely damage the structure of a house. Water damage isn’t something to scoff at, so have a boiler problem addressed quickly.

Noisy Boiler Nuance

Each noise a boiler makes can signify a different problem with it. While it might seem like having the information we’ve provided is enough to know exactly what is happening with a boiler, the truth is that many times the issue can’t be pinpointed until a professional HVAC technician checks it out. Let this list be a great first step towards scheduling heater repair.

  • Clunking or banging. If a boiler is making a clunking or banging noise, it can be easy to detect. This often occurs as an effect of limescale or corrosion accumulating on the heat exchanger of the boiler. As the pipeline gets blocked by accumulating sediment, water can’t travel safely through the system, which in turn causes water to steam and expand within a boiler. No, the boiler isn’t going to explode—but this issue is going to get much worse if it’s not addressed quickly.
  • Whistling. Often called kettling (like the noise a kettle might make as it begins to boil), this is caused from airflow. Air or steam might get trapped in the system, causing it to whistle. Contact a professional technician to help release the air but also figure out why the air got trapped in the first place! Remember, no matter what noise it is, no noise is a good noise that comes from a boiler!
  • Gurgling. While less common than the other two noises, gurgling can definitely be an issue with a boiler system. Gurgling could be caused by several problems, including air being trapped in the system, a block at the bottom of the boiler, or a frozen condensate pipe that will need to be thawed. Gurgling is similar to a whistling noise since it is caused by air being trapped, but usually the air is also compounded by water that can’t correctly circulate through the system. Either way, this needs to be addressed by a professional!

Notice a trend? None of these points are good when they arise. Keep in mind the rule of thumb that we keep mentioning: No noise is a good noise when it comes from a boiler!

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