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The Modern Science Behind Today’s Generators

Generators have been around since the dawn of electricity in the industrial age. Since then, many famous people in the tri-state area have uncovered incredible ways to take advantage of fuel, water, air, and light to create energy when it was needed. While those processes have been built upon, they still are the foundations behind our modern generators. When our normal energy-producing systems go offline, we need to improvise with technology.

If anyone out there has been thinking of generator installation in Pelham, NY, but the technology is just too advanced to truly understand, we get it. We’re dedicated to helping homeowners understand the technology behind today’s generators and invest in systems that keep them safe, comfortable, and happy. If we can help in any way, make sure to pick up the phone and call us.

Let’s talk generators, electricity, and everything that lies in between.

How They Work

Portable generators are simple. They just turn everyday gasoline into electrical energy that can power a few appliances. These are some of the oldest and simplest types of generators, which run the cheapest. But these aren’t the generators we’re trying to sell homeowners on. They work, but not very efficiently or effectively.

The generators we service mainly are standby generators that are powered by natural gas. Natural gas is much more efficient, clean-burning, and easily available than gasoline. These generators are powerhouses, and are usually able to provide energy to the whole house, or most appliances in a home for as long as there’s a steady stream of natural gas. The standby name means they can operate at a moment’s notice when the power actually goes out. Simple, efficient, and effective!

The Benefits of Modern Generators

In the old days, generators weren’t that important. There were only a few appliances in a home that relied on electricity, and they were mainly for cooking special dishes, listening to the news, or other activities. It wasn’t a bad idea to play a board game or play some sports while the power stayed off for a few hours or days.

Now, we rely on electricity so much more. From lights, to phones, to computers, to security systems, to even dishwashers. Life comes to a screeching halt when there’s a power outage, and modern generators need to be built to withstand that effect.

That’s why standby, whole-house, and natural gas-powered generators are so common these days. They have the power to energize all the devices we depend on, while running on a fraction of the fuel that old generator systems would consume.

Stay Safe, Secure, and Happy

Modern generators that run on natural gas are safe and effective. Not only do they create less hazardous fumes than portable generators, but they are kept in a weatherized cabinet outside that never needs to be moved. Food can remain unspoiled in the refrigerator, security systems and lights can stay on, and emergency contact devices can still function adequately when the power is out.

It’s time to join us in the 21st century by investing in a standby generator today. Call Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators!

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