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If This Happens, Furnace Repairs Are Required!

Nobody likes to hear that furnace repairs are “required.” It makes the situation seem like our team is ordering homeowners around, which is precisely what we’re not trying to do. Everyone’s home is their own castle, and their heating systems are their own. We won’t tell anyone what to do.

That being said, if anyone out there is looking to mitigate repair needs and lower the costs and surprises, this is some good advice. Certain furnace behaviors require furnace repairs in White Plains, NY. This isn’t just us trying to sell a service, but rather us trying to warn homeowners of the dangers that come with furnace neglect.

Whether it’s a strange noise, an unusual smell, or poor comfort, a furnace is going to need repairs to fix the problem. That’s where our team comes in. Read on to learn more.

Problems That Can’t Be Ignored

While we would love to tell homeowners that they should never ignore their heaters, we know that this thought process might not be entirely realistic. We’re HVAC pros, so our whole lives revolve around these systems. Most homeowners couldn’t care less about their heating system and would rather read a book on a rainy day, or spend time trying to score tickets to a Mets game at Citi Field.

Hopefully, we can all find a compromise where homeowners care enough to detect a serious problem, while spending the majority of their time on the things they care about!

Foul Odors

Nothing disrupts a day or makes people uncomfortable like a peculiar odor wafting through the house. This is a huge red flag for anyone with a gas furnace, and it should never be ignored under any circumstances.

When a furnace has a malfunction that cracks the heat exchanger or messes with the exhaust port, gas and carbon monoxide can leak into a house. Gas is well known for having a “rotten egg” smell that’s easy to notice and is probably one of the clearest things homeowners will smell when something is wrong. Carbon monoxide is much more insidious, being almost impossible for humans to detect. Thankfully, CO and smoke detectors can catch when carbon monoxide is leaking and alert us promptly.

Loud and Uncomfortable Noises

Loud noises are hard to ignore—and that’s probably a good thing. The louder and more uncomfortable the noise is, the worse a furnace problem is getting. That’s why it’s important for homeowners not to ignore the noises, or forget about them when they leave the house.

This type of problem can be caused from a loose part, a broken part, or something misaligned that could get a lot worse in a short amount of time.

Total System Breakdown

This is hard to ignore, but we’ve seen it happen. Homeowners in the spring think that they can just ignore their broken-down furnace or other heating system because temperatures are starting to get warmer, but this is a bad idea. The longer anyone waits on a heater issue that results in a breakdown, the worse the problem will get over time.

Let’s deal with your heater problem today by calling Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators.

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