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How Long Does a Boiler Really Last?

10 Years? 20 Years? Half a century? This question has been pondered by countless customers that we’ve met, and there seems to be a bit of a miscommunication on the matter. Boilers have historically been one of the best ways to heat an entire home, ever since the days of ancient Rome, and they’re still going strong in the United States. However, the lifespan of a boiler system has changed due to the differences with heating in the 21st century.

Boiler systems can last 20 years, but the question isn’t really about how long they can last, but rather how long should they last. The moment a boiler starts running up the heating bill and causing budget problems with constant leaks, a replacement is on the horizon. But let’s talk more about how customers might figure out when boiler service in Larchmont, NY is worth it, and when it’s not.

Moving Parts and a Hydronic Boiler

One of the most important reasons for a hydronic boiler system outlasting conventional furnaces and heat pumps is due to the amount of “moving parts.”

Forced-air heating systems like furnaces and heat pumps require large blower fans to push the air through air ducts. This can result in some serious wear and tear over time, and the sheer amount of air volume that needs to be sent through the vents can be jarring. This is what causes the most stress and problems for those kinds of heating systems, and it’s a problem that’s entirely avoided with a boiler.

Boilers just need to push water through pipes, which is a lot easier and requires fewer moving parts. This results in less friction, less material being moved, and heat radiating from the system instead of being pumped through air vents. So, boilers inherently will last longer than forced-air heating systems.

Maintenance Is Required

Boilers aren’t out of the woods yet! One of the most important boiler services we offer is routine maintenance. Boilers do deal with their own core problems, like corrosion, leaks, kettling, and sediment issues. Maintenance is going to be key in making sure that the boiler is running at peak performance and efficiency, and that all its components are still kept in good shape.

A boiler without maintenance might not last much longer than a furnace or heat pump, and it could end up causing some serious damage to the home with bad water leaks.

Efficiency Is the Biggest Threat

Even if a neglected boiler still works 20 or 30 years later, there’s a major problem: efficiency.

Boilers are still sought after by homeowners because of their incredible efficiency. Water and steam are amazing heat transfer mediums, but only in a boiler that’s been regularly maintained and still within its lifespan.

After two decades, a boiler will not function as efficiently as it used to. This means that it’s guzzling up more fuel to do a job that a newer boiler can do with less, meaning it’s costing more money to run and it’s ruining a home budget. This is a good reason to explore boiler replacement options when the time comes.

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