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Heating Services Are Recommended Before Winter


Last time on this blog, we strongly recommended getting any repairs on household heaters done before the snows of winter start to fall. That’s true even if the system doesn’t have any overt repairs that need doing. Early signs of trouble are rarely strong enough to shut the system down, and the sooner a technician can spot them, the better off the heating system will be. Here’s a quick breakdown of how it all works.

A Tune-Up

Automobiles require tune-ups every now and again. So too does a good heating system: not so much to conduct repairs but to spot the need for repairs as well as letting the system work as efficiently as possible. The technician checks the system over thoroughly, noting any problems and potential problems that may be brewing. If the problem is minor–a clogged burner, say, or a bolt that’s come loose–the technician can fix it as part of the heating maintenance. If more work is needed–say the repair job requires an extensive wire replacement–the technician can schedule it with the homeowner, and even conduct it immediately after the regular maintenance if the proper tools are in the van (in most cases, they are).

The Benefits

The benefits of such servicing are numerous but mostly fall into three very specific categories.

  1. Savings on Repair Jobs. Catching a serious repair issue earlier rather than later benefits the homeowner because the damage doesn’t have as much time to spread. It also allows the homeowner to schedule repairs at leisure–at a time that matches their lifestyle–instead of rushing around in the middle of an unexpected heating breakdown.
  2. Lower Overall Costs. Heating servicing jobs help correct little issues that can affect the heater’s efficiency. For instance, a clogged burner means that the heater will take longer to warm the house, consuming more fuel in the bargain and raising monthly rates accordingly. That also raises the stress and strain on other components in the heater, which in turn raises the possibility of another breakdown and more repairs needed later. Proper servicing helps cut down on that wear and tear, as well as ensuring that the heater works as efficiently as possible all winter long.
  3. Extend the Life of the System. When applied regularly over time, heating maintenance can do wonders for cutting down on the frequency and extent of future repairs. That means lower bills overall, less strain on the system’s components, reduced repair jobs later in the system’s life, and–most important–the ability to extend the heater’s overall life by months or even years past what might be expected. Considering the hassle and expense of replacing an older heating system, extending the life of the existing system means a great deal of incidental savings.

If a heating system hasn’t been serviced in 12 months or more, now is the perfect time to call the friendly professionals at Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators. We provide high-quality heating maintenance plans for homes throughout the Purchase, NY area

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