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When Is Heating Replacement Preferable to Heating Repair?

In the heart of winter, a heater breakdown can be a real emergency. Homes with malfunctioning heaters need to get them taken care of quickly, before the indoor temperature drops too low, and any heating contractor worth its salt will do so with all deliberate speed. But older heaters that run into trouble raise a difficult question: is it better to spend the money on repairs? Or would that money be better spent on a new heater instead of wasted on the old one?

At the end of the day, only the homeowner can make the decision to repair a faulty heater or replace it. There are, however, several key factors that can make that decision a lot easier.

How Dire Is the Problem?

The first question to ask is the state of the problem and the cost of repairing it. Warmer weather is several more weeks away at least, but it will be here soon, and it’s always better to replace an old heating system in the spring and summer–when it can be performed at leisure–than in the middle of winter. A relatively inexpensive repair might be worthwhile simply because it’s enough to keep the heater running reliably until spring.

Is the Warranty in Effect?

A big question regarding the cost of repairs revolves around the warranty. While it is in effect, it covers the cost of replacing any original heater components, which can cut down on the price quite a bit. In most cases, homeowners should consider replacement only when the warranty expires. Even then, repairs can still be manageable, provided the costs don’t grow excessive. Only when the warranty has expired and costs become more than the homeowner is prepared to pay is replacement a viable option.

How Expensive Are the Repairs?

“Expensive” can mean different things to different people, and again, only the homeowner can make the final call. It can also mean things other than repairs. In some cases, a heater with an expired warranty needs to be replaced simply because monthly costs have become too high. Wear and tear have taken their toll in such cases, and a new heater can likely do the job with far greater efficiency. When such cases occur this late in the season, however, it’s usually best to wait until spring to schedule a replacement.

In the event repairs are needed for the heater to continue working for the winter, the issue usually comes down to the cost of the repair job. If it’s more expensive than the homeowner feels it is worth, then replacement might be the best path. Replacement might also be an option if the repair is minor, but is the latest in a string of repairs. Usually, if the heater needs more than two repairs in a give 12-month period, it is probably time to install a new system.

For top-notch heater repair and replacement services in Pelham, NY, call the friendly professionals at Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators to make an appointment!

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