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Heater Maintenance Now?

Yep, we know that temperatures are starting to get frigid. We know that soon homeowners will be seeing their breath in the air, the snow will fall, and their heaters will be on full blast. People out there are probably focused more on heater repair than heater maintenance, right?

Well, why not consider both? We’re still in November, which means temperatures have a long way to go before they get to the sub-zero temperatures that we’re used to in January and February. Our team isn’t yet inundated with call after call for broken-down heating systems, which means there’s still time for heating repairs and maintenance in Queens. And today we’re going to focus on why it’s so vital that homeowners get their systems tuned-up today.

Still with us? Good. Keep reading, we promise that we’ll get to the big picture soon.

What’s the Point?

People at home are probably thinking to themselves that it’s already heating season, so heating maintenance is off the table at this time. But it’s not, yet!

Sure, when our team gets busy with broken-down heaters day after day, it’s going to get a lot harder to schedule maintenance. However, we’re not really at that point yet, and it’s a good idea to be proactive in the health and safety of a system. A heater needs maintenance, so we advise people to stop talking about why they need it and start talking about when they can get it arranged.

Efficiency Levels

A heater that runs through the winter after a maintenance tune-up is more likely to consume less fuel or energy to do its job. The parts will be lubricated, the system will have been inspected, and homeowners can overall assume that it’s ready to go. Maintenance allows for a professional to check the efficiency levels, in addition to the condition of the unit, so homeowners know they’re getting the fuel-consumption levels they deserve. On average, a heating system that undergoes maintenance every year functions 5% more efficiently per year of maintenance. That’s a huge difference!

Well-Maintained Means Safer Operation

If anyone uses a gas furnace, then chances are they’re always thinking about safety. After all, gas leaks and carbon monoxide problems can be terrible for the health and safety of a family. While furnaces are built to be safe, years of neglect can often cause unseen problems to manifest that lead to safety hazards. A yearly maintenance appointment can completely mitigate this problem by allowing a trained professional to give a furnace owner the green light on whether their system is operating safely.

Peace of Mind

Wouldn’t it just feel so much better to know that an HVAC pro thoroughly checked the heating system this year? Take away the long nights of being unable to sleep from being scared of high heating bills, carbon monoxide, or the strange noise that’s coming from the furnace. With heating maintenance, anyone gets access to peace of mind, which is honestly worth more than any of the other perks that come with maintenance. Feeling better about a heating system goes a long way in letting people enjoy the rest of the winter.

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