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Fact and Fiction: 3 Air Duct Misconceptions

Air ducts are an important part of a home’s HVAC system. They’re required for pretty much every forced-air heating or cooling system, instead of ductless mini splits, which are only used by a minority of our customers. This means that when ducts fall into disrepair, they need to be fixed by professionals who know what they’re doing. Luckily, our team provides thorough duct repairs in the Bronx, NY.

But what about those rumors that folks keep hearing about their air ducts? Is it safe to use duct tape when sealing or plugging leaks in air ducts? Or is it easy for customers to try and clean or fix their ducts themselves? The truth is that these aren’t really correct, but it might not be for the reasons that customers might think.

This blog post today is all about separating the facts from the fiction, and we’re going to be doing this so that customers know when to call us for professional duct services!

Duct Tape Is Made for Air Ducts

First things first, let’s get this out of the way. Duct tape is not designed for air ducts, contrary to what many think. The name is just a horribly inconvenient coincidence and one that’s led to duct problems for many homeowners as a result.

Duct tape is great for home projects and other things someone might take on. If someone is doing crafts with their kids or if they’re working on trying to fix something small or made out of plastic, then duct tape is a good choice. However, air ducts deal with forced-air, pressure, and temperature changes, which aren’t what duct tape is designed to endure.

If people need to seal gaps in their air ducts, they’re going to need specific materials that are designed for that, which is where our team comes in.

“Anyone Can Fix Their Ducts Themselves”

This is another unfortunate misconception that’s led to a lot of air ducts falling into disrepair and problems. Air ducts might seem small and less significant than a heating or cooling system, but this is simply not the case. Air ducts are extremely important and they can also be expensive to have replaced or fixed—depending on how bad the damage is.

Always leave the job of fixing or sealing air ducts to a professional who’s armed with the right equipment and training. Only a pro will be able to keep things in good shape without the risk of damaging anything.

“Ducts Are Metal, They Last Forever”

We wish! Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case. Air ducts might be made out of metal in most cases, but they certainly don’t last forever. Air ducts undergo a lot of temperature changes throughout the year as heating or cooling starts sending conditioned air through them. This causes the air ducts to expand and contract on a regular basis, wearing down the connections between the ducts and causing them to lose structural integrity. Over time, an air duct system will require support, even if it’s made of sturdy metal!

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