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Everything to Know About Mold

Oh boy, we know that this isn’t the most glamorous topic to talk about. Homeowners dread conversations about mold because it can be easy to either imagine unsanitary situations or get depressed about the decay of a house. However, we’re not really concerned about that kind of mold. If anyone out there is dealing with a serious mold situation, we can help. It’s also important to talk to a primary care physician to make sure there haven’t been any long-term side effects of the inhalation of mold so far.

Today, we’re going to focus on mold that grows inside homes. These types of mold can range in size and type, but the reason we’re focusing on this issue is because we have a solution. Our air purifier installation in Bedford Hills is designed specifically to remove mold and inhibit the organism’s ability to procreate.

This means there’s an end to any mold problem in sight. Just keep reading and call our team.

What Is Mold?

Mold is a specific type of organism that grows everywhere in our climate. While it’s outside, it can be a huge part of the ecosystem, essentially cleaning the entire world of decaying organisms and creating an abundant food source for many other creatures in the food chain. Indoors, mold is a pest that can create unhealthy air and an unsanitary environment for people.

If anyone wants to know where to find mold, they just need to remember two things: mold grows in dark and damp places. As long as it has access to stagnant water and it’s not in direct sunlight, mold will most likely begin to grow.

How Does Mold Spread?

While we could talk about the different kinds of mold, it’s important that we mention how mold spreads. Mold releases spores that venture throughout the air to find a new home where there’s moisture and darkness. This means that it can potentially spread anywhere if it’s not dealt with.

Also, those mold spores can become a huge health hazard when they’re ingested. No, mold won’t grow inside of a human being, but it will cause distress in the lungs, an allergic reaction, and even exacerbate the symptoms of asthma. Mold spores are a serious problem in any home.

The Power of an Air Purifier

Welcome to the front lines of the battle against mold. Human beings have an arsenal of weapons to help us deal with this spreading problem. While household cleaners can help, like sponges, soaps, fresh water, and drying materials like towels and paper towels—it’s important to look at the more powerful solutions.

Air purifiers can eradicate mold spores as they enter a home’s HVAC system. By using ultraviolet light that emits a low level of radiation, mold spores can be rendered harmless and eventually just land on surfaces to be cleaned up later like dust. This ensures that homeowners aren’t breathing in contaminating particles of mold, and most importantly, that the mold does not spread anywhere else.

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