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Electronic Air Purifiers Help Keep Homes Clean


Every home, whether large or small, needs regular dusting to keep clean. Dust has a way of circulating thanks in no small part to our centralized heating and air conditioning systems, which blow the air through a series of ducts and circulate it throughout the home.

Every HVAC system comes with a filter designed to help screen out those contaminants. But they can quickly clog and create other problems within the system. Replacement filters are inexpensive and available at any hardware store or home improvement center, but they can be messy when replaced, and they don’t always do a good job at capturing the smallest particles. Electronic air purifiers make a much more viable option, and can help keep a home clean without the fuss and bother of replaceable filters.

Ionized Particles

The basis of an electronic air filter is an ionization chamber, through which the air passes as the fan blows it into the ducts. As it does so, all of the particles in the air are ionized: either sticking to the sides of the chamber or to a collection pan, depending on the model. It’s an effective system in part because it doesn’t allow any particles to escape. That makes it more effective than even the tightest screen.

Furthermore, it avoids the mess and waste of changing filters all the time, and with periodic maintenance it’s much easier to clean than other types of filters. The system is also designed to last a long time, helping a homeowner make the most out of the investment. And of course, the air is much cleaner: resulting in a household that feels fresher as well as an increased ease of dusting and cleaning. Electronic air filters can also cut down on the dust in the air conditioner itself, which avoids problems like friction on moving parts and ice forming on the coils. That can make a huge difference when avoiding unnecessary wear and tear on an air conditioner.

Which Homes Benefit?

Every home can benefit from an electronic air filter, especially those that find dust a constant problem. More specifically, this type of upgrade can benefit homes with the following residents or features.

  • Homes with elderly residents, who may be more susceptible to illness.
  • Homes preparing to welcome a newborn baby, who, like elderly residents, are vulnerable to germs.
  • Homes with a large number of pets, who can spread dander into the air as well as tracking in dust or dirt from outside.
  • Homes with residents who work outdoors or spend a lot of time outdoors.
  • Homes with residents suffering from asthma or similar conditions that leave them more vulnerable to germs.
  • Vacation homes or homes that sit unoccupied for months at a time, leading to a heavy build-up of dust.

For homes in the Westchester, NY area, electronic air filters can be installed, repaired and maintained by the friendly professionals at Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators before summer arrives. Call our team today for a consultation and we’ll go over all of the available options!

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