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Don’t Pass Up a Hybrid Heating System!

Hybrid heating systems are some of the most comprehensive heating systems available. Homeowners tend to ignore these state-of-the-art pieces of equipment because of their high initial price tag. But for the people out there willing to invest in a heater that will cover their needs for many years, hybrid heaters shouldn’t be passed up.

Today we’re going to talk about what exactly a hybrid heating system is, the advantages it provides over other heating systems, and how it delivers reliable heating in Rockland, NY. For any homeowners looking for both a heating and cooling system for their home and want something to cover all their bases, this is the system to get!

Seriously, don’t pass up on the opportunity to explore an interesting solution to our heating problems here in the northeast.

What Is a Hybrid Heater?

A hybrid heating system is a combination of a heat pump and a gas furnace. The reason for this combo is that heat pumps work efficiently for most of the year when temperatures are mild, but during the coldest winter days when temperatures drop below freezing, heat pumps have trouble meeting heating needs. Heat pumps require more energy to transfer heat into a home when temperatures dip to extreme lows, which is why a gas furnace can often be a more affordable choice in those moments.

Therefore, a hybrid heating system automatically switches to a gas furnace when temperatures fall below a certain threshold. This means homeowners with a hybrid heating system will always have the most affordable and effective heating solution available—saving the most money and fuel, and feeling the comfortable benefits of a powerful heater.

Increase Your Efficiency

Heat pumps are incredibly efficient in the spring, summer, and fall. However, during our exceptionally frigid winters, a heat pump is won’t work as efficiently as other heating systems. A hybrid heating system will ensure that fuel and energy are consumed at a reasonable rate, for a reasonable price, to provide quality heating. Having just a gas furnace or heat pump on its own will not give homeowners the absolute efficiency that they would achieve when they’re combined in one system.


We mentioned earlier that a hybrid heating system can also provide temperature control when you need a cooling system as well. That’s because a heat pump can be switched to cooling mode in order to provide quality air conditioning during the summer. The versatility of the heat pump of a hybrid heating system can become an asset for year round comfort.


A hybrid heating system is simply more cost-effective than most other heating systems on the market. While the initial installation price might be high, and it will require two routine maintenance appointments a year, it consumes fuel at the most affordable rate for the entire year. Having a hybrid heating system is a perfect way to make sure you spend as little hard-earned money on heating bills as possible.

Get your hybrid heater professionally installed by the best team in the area. Contact Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators today!

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