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Don’t Get Down From Leaky Ducts

Leaky air ducts are a serious bummer, but they don’t have to be—not when there’s a specialist duct repair contractor in the area! Ducts that are leaking don’t just contribute to the degradation of an HVAC system, they also can waste money, energy, and time as homeowners struggle to get their homes comfortable.

That’s why there needs to be more awareness of the benefits of duct repair and replacement services offered by an HVAC contractor in Hartsdale, NY. By signing up for this kind of service, anyone can be expected to receive a huge bonus in savings from less treated air leaking from ducts, while also feeling more comfortable inside their home.

For anyone out there who’s doubting this claim, take a look below and see just how much of an improvement properly working air ducts can be!

The Unique Advantages of Duct Repair

Leaky ducts can waste up to 30% of heated or cooled air that is distributed by a home. That is a pretty massive statistic for something that’s so regularly neglected! That’s why we’re taking this time to push awareness for homeowners to start paying closer attention to their air ducts.

  • Increased Savings. Leaking heated air during the winter or cooled air during the summer is costing homeowners money. That’s air that has been treated by an HVAC system, flowing out of a home and into the atmosphere. When air ducts are repaired or replaced, they can contain the treated air comprehensively, saving homeowners money in the process!
  • More Comfort. Neglected air ducts can make it hard for an HVAC system to heat or cool a home. That means more cold spots in the winter and hot spots in the summer, more energy being wasted, and the thermostat being pumped higher or lower depending on the struggling system. With repaired or replaced air ducts, homeowners can be happy knowing that their HVAC system is running as effectively as possible.
  • Improved Air Quality. When holes or tears develop in air ducts, an HVAC system will start to draw air from different parts of the house. This could mean drawing in air with moisture that eventually aids in the production of mold or mildew. This air could also contain dirt, dust, and debris that contaminates any breathable air. With duct repair, those holes and gaps will be filled in and the HVAC system will function appropriately without contaminants.

Between increased energy efficiency and better comfort, there are a ton of advantages to enjoy when homeowners invest in air duct repair or replacement services. For the investment put into a home’s ductwork, the returns can be huge, both in quality of life improvements and monetary savings as well.

Get It Done by the Pros

Air duct repair and replacement shouldn’t be done by just anyone. Professional teams with the right equipment can have air ducts services quickly and effectively, limiting the time this work takes. When signing up with an amateur, homeowners risk having an invasive procedure take longer and become an interference with the daily events of their house.

Give the team at Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators a call for quality air duct service.

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