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Depreciating Ducts: A Big Problem

Over time, air ducts are going to become less effective for a home comfort system. Sure, the air conditioner might be brand new, and the heating system might be a long-lasting furnace that’s in great shape, but it doesn’t mean that everything will work smoothly from here on out. Ductwork is another vital component of a forced-air heating or cooling system and it’s going to require professional attention if it’s not in good condition.

How do ducts depreciate over time? And why are faulty ducts such a bad issue? These are the questions we’re hoping to tackle today. Our team provides comprehensive duct repairs in Westchester County, NY, so our number is the only one needed. Duct repair can be fast and simple with a professional team on hand. But for homeowners just now learning about the nature of their air ducts, keep reading to get a good idea of what could go wrong.

Gaps, Tears, and Holes

There’s a scientific reason behind the deterioration of air ducts. When the seasons changes and an HVAC system starts working to keep a home comfortable, the air ducts can change temperature quite rapidly. Any object that goes from hot to cold and vice versa, multiple times a year, is going to start becoming less air-tight and develop leaks.

These leaks in air ducts can be described as “gaps, tears, or holes” which are different types of issues. Gaps can be seen where two air ducts were taped or welded together, whereas tears can develop in air ducts that are made of soft metal materials. Either way, this leads to treated air leaving the system and contaminants getting in.


An HVAC system is simply not going to work as well when there are leaks in the air ducts. That heated air that is painstakingly created inside of the furnace will leak out of the holes in the air ducts and linger in the basement or crawlspace instead of where a homeowner is. This is not good.

Air Quality Issues

Another issue with leaking ducts is the diminishing quality of the air. Homeowners might have air purifiers or air filtration systems working hard to keep contaminants away, but these systems won’t work well if the air is constantly being infiltrated by contaminants through leaks.

It’s not just about the air leaking out of the ducts, but rather the air that’s leaking into them, which is the problem in this case. That air is full of dust, dirt, pet dander, biological contaminants like mold, and more. This is a good reason to get air ducts fixed.

Duct Sealing or Repairs

Do ducts need to be sealed or repaired in this case? That’s a complicated question and the solution is going to depend on a few factors.

If the ducts just have a few small leaks or tears, then duct sealing is going to get the job done. It’s cheaper, faster, and reliable for those small problems.

However, if the ducts have larger holes that can’t simply be sealed up by sealing products, then duct repairs are going to be the best choice. A professional can help homeowners through this decision.

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