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A Boiler Should Never Make These Noises

Boilers are common in the tri-state area, particularly because of how efficient and effective they are at keeping spaces warm and comfortable. However, just like other heating systems, boilers can run into serious problems. One of the main ways a homeowner will notice if their boiler system is on the fritz is through sounds it might make. Dripping, rattling, vibrating, and banging are all signs that boiler service in Scarsdale, NY is on the horizon.

Keep reading down below to find out why these sounds might occur and what they might mean. Every sound will be different, primarily because of the source of the problem, and only a licensed professional has the training and tools to handle it in a fast and affordable way.

For anyone out there with a noisy boiler and a stressful situation, this blog post will get to the bottom of it!


Has anyone ever had a piece of equipment with a loose screw that was shaken violently? There’s a specific sound that is made from a loose screw or piece of equipment that’s not bolted down right, and that could be the problem with the boiler system. Thankfully, this is usually a minor problem that can be fixed fairly easily.

Unfortunately, these issues still need to be addressed quickly. A loose screw or broken part that’s jingling around inside of the system will often bump into other components and start a “compounding” effect where other problems get worse. So, get this problem fixed ASAP.


Radiant heating systems use either electricity or water to heat a home. The heating element is a whole other part of the system, but in the case of a water boiler, there needs to be water that circulates through pipes and radiators. Sometimes, though not particularly often, water can leak and cause a disruption.

Sometimes that water will make a “dripping” sound, while other times it might make more of a “gushing” sound. But regardless, this needs to be fixed since it can produce a mold infestation and some other problems for a home.


A shaking or vibrating boiler system is never a good sign. This could be from a pump system that’s malfunctioning and shaking inside of the housing. Or there could be a buildup of sludge in the boiler which can cause overheating and abrupt system shutdowns.

It might be hard to diagnose this problem without a professional, but this should always be a warning for customers to get help when encountering this kind of sound.


Also known as “water hammer,” sometimes water that’s dealing with a pressure problem in the boiler system can run into the pipes at a high velocity without a cushion of air to soften the blow. When water hits against metal at such a high pressure and velocity, it can make a loud banging sound that is similar to a hammer (which is why it’s called water hammer!).

This is always a sign that a professional is required to have the system fixed before this injures the pipes.

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