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5 Signs a Furnace Is About to Go

We’re going to let homeowners in on a little industry secret. Furnaces don’t last forever. In fact, furnaces don’t last much past 10 to 15 years, and if they do, they’re likely siphoning money directly from their owner’s wallet. These systems drastically lose efficiency after that time period, and repairs become more expensive as parts become harder and harder to find. It’s just not economically feasible to have a furnace beyond that point.

Sure, if homeowners want to pay our team for furnace repairs in Yonkers, NY made on a system that’s 20 years old, we can try our best—but we’d highly advise against it. Sometimes, repairs just won’t be as long-term oriented as a replacement job.

Let’s discuss five major ways that homeowners can tell their furnace is about to retire from old age. Once anyone is convinced their furnace is about to go, we can take the next steps to upgrade to a system that will last well into the future.

Sign #1: Frequent Repairs

How often do homeowners in our area have to call for repairs on their furnace? If it’s once or twice a year, then there’s something clearly wrong. Furnaces, especially those that are installed and maintained correctly, should only need a repair every few years. If homeowners in our area have their local HVAC contractor on speed dial because they call them so much, then it’s probably a good idea to invest in replacement services.

Sign #2: Expensive Fixes

So one or two repairs during a system’s later years might be fine, but how expensive should those repairs be? If someone is constantly having to replace a thousand-dollar component inside their gas furnace, then they’re being fooled by a system that should’ve been replaced a long time ago. Repairs are fine if they’re affordable, and the moment they reach almost half the price of a new replacement, then customers are much better off if they invest in the replacement instead.

Sign #3: Old Age

The problems we’re talking about on this blog post don’t just come out of thin air. They’re the result of years of wear and tear on a system that reaches 10–15 years in age. At that point, all bets are off and the heater could start breaking down in multiple locations.

If anyone out there has a heater that’s 10 years old or older, consider replacing it as a preventive measure. There might not be anything wrong with it now, but trying to stave off incredibly expensive repairs will get harder and harder with each passing year.

Sign #4: Outdated Technology and Inefficiency

As technology improves, heaters become more effective, efficient, and affordable. An old furnace isn’t just going to consume more energy than newer models; it’s going to run into more problems that are expensive. Old furnace systems aren’t as reliable and effective, and anyone who invests in a new replacement system now is likely setting themselves up for a comfortable and efficient future.

Sign #5: It Doesn’t Do Its Job

Heaters are supposed to keep a home warm. This is non-negotiable if a homeowner is paying to keep the system running. If a customer’s family is constantly complaining about the poor quality “lukewarm” air that comes from the vents, then it’s time to upgrade to a system that actually works as intended.

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