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5 Quick Tips for a Broken AC

Temperatures are reaching their peak this year, and our air conditioners are the first line of defense against them. For any customers that might be on the verge of losing their AC because the system is malfunctioning or running incorrectly, we urge them to call our team for AC repair in Westchester, NY and beyond. The earlier a homeowner calls for support, the easier it will be to schedule a repair.

However, depending on our schedule and the busyness of the season, we might not be able to reach a homeowner in need until at least a few hours or a day has passed. While calling early for help is always a good solution, these things happen and we want our customers to remain safe and cool while they wait for AC repairs.

So, let’s talk about a few strategies to remain cool and collected while waiting for a professional to fix a struggling AC.

1. Call for Help First

First of all, customers in need of AC repairs are going to be waiting indefinitely if they don’t call for our help first. We urge anyone to call our hotline listed above or click the link below to get in touch with an air conditioning specialist so their system can be repaired. The simplest and most effective solution to a heatwave or a hot day is having well-functioning air conditioning. We can get the system back up to speed, we just need to be called and an appointment needs to be scheduled.

2. Enjoy Local Air Conditioning

We’re so lucky to live in an area with so many things to do! First of all, one of the best summer past-times in this area is to check out a movie. Movie theaters have exceptional air conditioning and provide great relief from the sun or the heat that might be causing people trouble. Also, they sell cool refreshments to keep hydrated, and can sometimes offer special matinee deals in the afternoon which is often the hottest part of the day!

There are also local community pools, beaches, and other areas we urge our customers to explore when they’re feeling overheated or tired of having no air conditioning. It’s always a good idea to rely on a community to help when temperatures are high!

3. Stay Cool With Fans and Open Windows

Fans provide constant airflow throughout a home which is necessary on a hot day without air conditioning. Keep windows open so the hot air can be blown back out into the atmosphere, and to keep a good circulating current of fresh, cool air flowing throughout the home.

Ceiling fans are the best for this kind of situation, and they also run at a fraction of the cost that an air conditioner would, so we urge homeowners to take advantage of them.

4. Stay Hydrated and Avoid Sunlight

Two major tips that we can’t forget–staying hydrated and avoiding too much sunlight. Being dehydrated on a hot day and getting too much sun can be health risks. We don’t want any of our customers suffering from heat stroke or heat exhaustion, so we urge everyone to drink plenty of water and to stay indoors or in the shade on an exceptionally hot day.

For customers in need of fast and reliable AC repairs, call Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators!

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