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5 Common Ductless Issues

When customers invest in a ductless heating and cooling system, they often don’t think about the problems that can come with it. They’re great systems to invest in, and homeowners can stand to see some major returns through energy efficiency, but they still have their fair share of problems just like any other HVAC unit.

As the premier team to provide ductless service in the Bronx, NY, we’d like to be honest with our customers about some of the most common problems that come with ductless HVAC systems. We’ll list out some of the most frequent issues we see and what they mean. Then, we’ll leave it up to our customers to call us for help so that we can fix the issues quickly and effectively.

Remember, never try to DIY a fix on a ductless HVAC system. They’re very complex and the simple act of trying could void a warranty and more!

1. The Dirty Sock Smell

The “dirty sock smell” is a classic issue that comes with ductless HVAC systems, and it’s one that can easily be repaired by a professional technician when customers call for help.

Basically, when the ductless HVAC system is cooling the air, it can cause humidity to condense. This humidity needs to go somewhere, which is usually the condensate drain pan that empties into a pipe and eventually to the outdoors.

Sometimes, this pipe can get clogged up with mold and cause the air handler to give off a moldy smell that is similar to the scent of dirty socks. If this happens, be sure to contact a professional to get it fixed.

2. Issues With Switching Modes

Ductless mini split systems both heat and cool the air, since they’re heat pumps. This means that any issue with switching from heating to cooling mode can be a big problem and one that requires professional support.

3. The Air Handler Is Leaking

Sometimes, when the condensate pan gets too clogged up, moisture can actually start leaking out from behind the air handler and down the wall. This is not only a problem for a home (since it allows for mold growth and can cause accidents), but it also will deteriorate the wall where the mini split is mounted, making it more likely that it falls down and breaks.

4. A Clogged Air Filter

A clogged air filter is still an issue, but it’s one that customers can actually fix on their own. This component is easily found in the ductless mini splits themselves, and can be cleaned out an replaced on a regular basis to ensure maximum airflow through the unit.

5. An Electrical Issue

While these can come in all different shapes and sizes, they’re undoubtedly common with ductless HVAC systems. These units rely on internal electrical components like capacitors that signal when to turn on or off. If any of these break for whatever reason, the system can simply shut down or have irregular cycles, which can significantly impact home comfort.

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