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3 Tips to Save on Hot Water

Homeowners need hot water to live their lives. From washing clothes to doing dishes, to even taking a nice bath, hot water is an invaluable part of living. This blog post is not about trying to stop homeowners from enjoying their hot water, it’s just a way for homeowners to save money on practices that might be either wasting water, energy, or both! Not to mention that lower hot water usage can keep a stressed-out system from requiring water heater repair in the Bronx, NY.

Saving hot water through some pretty nifty means can save a whole lot of money on monthly energy or heating bills. Water heaters consume a lot of our daily energy usage, so these kinds of quick lifestyle changes can make a large impact on even the strictest budgets. During the dead of winter, it might be the difference between a family struggling to pay utility bills, and being able to afford that next vacation this year.

Keep reading and we’ll get into all the specifics below!

1. Shorten Baths and Showers

The first and easiest tip we can give homeowners is about their own personal baths and showers. We completely understand that a long hot bath can feel amazing during these cold months, but they’re absolutely going to end up costing more money down the line. If homeowners are willing to pay for the increased heating or energy bill, then that’s fine!

However, for those looking to save a bit of money this year, shortening showers to less than 10 minutes and avoiding hot baths can be a great way to do so. If people are looking to treat themselves, why not book an appointment at a spa or sauna instead? Or, homeowners can drink a nice warm beverage before a shower to stay warmed up to their core!

2. Run Larger Laundry Loads

We know that sometimes organization can risk efficiency. Homeowners can feel better doing smaller laundry loads so that things are split up appropriately. Doing this kids’ laundry first, then yours, then your mother-in-law’s might sound like a good idea until the laundry is running in small short bursts and it’s wasting a lot of hot water.

Try running larger laundry loads with clothes and towels that are combined. This will ensure maximum effectiveness for the lowest amount of water usage possible. Or, if the laundry system can’t handle larger loads, it might be time to invest in a more water and energy-efficient washing machine!

3. Wait to Fill Your Dishwasher Completely

Dishwashers are more efficient at cleaning dishware for less energy and hot water. However, this is only really applicable if the dishwasher is full when it’s run. Try to fill the dishwasher as much as possible with dirty dishes before its run, so the water and cleaning potential can be maximized.

All of these tips will hopefully reduce the amount of hot water needed on a daily basis. Individually, they might just save pennies or a few dollars per gallon of hot water saved, but over time that could amount to pretty huge savings!

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